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Apple’s Event 2018: iPhones, iPhones, & one more iPhone.

Grab your black turtlenecks, hotspots, and cold brew because I’m covering the latest Apple event. Our setting is the gorgeous Steve Jobs Theater, named after the co-founder and former CEO of Apple, the is located on the Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, California. It is an underground, 1,000-seat auditorium intended for Apple product launches and […]

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Everything from WWDC 2018: iOS 12, macOS Mojave, & much more!

What we were expecting from WWDC ’18: macOS  iOS What’s the name of the new macOS??!?!? What we got from WWDC ’18: iOS12 watchOS5  tvOS macOS Mojave Answer to the question: Is Apple merging macOS and iOS? Apple answered: NO! Tim Cook kicked off the highly anticipated Apple Keynote event with a Planet Earth style […]

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Siri-ous Apple Event Announcements!

Did you catch the Apple Special Event that announced the latest innovations surrounding iOS, iPhone, macOS High Sierra, and watchOS? Don’t worry if you missed it – you’ll learn all you need to below thanks to our team quickly working to summarize the event for you below! To provide some contextual insight on what to […]

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Four-fold cellular IoT connections predicted by 2019

PrintIT analyst firm 451 Research has forecasted the growth of cellular network-based connections for IoT-devices as anticipation surrounding the tech continues to grow. It also reckons wearable tech as a major enterprise tool will become reality in the next 12 months.

According to the firm, the telecoms industry can expect a nigh on four-fold boom in cellular IoT connections between 2014 and 2019, growing from 252 million to 908 million globally. The firm reckons such growth comes down to several key factors, primarily the ease of access to and reduced costs of hardware and broadband for enterprise customers. Secondly, the maturation of cloud, data management and analytics platforms means machine-generated data can be hosted and utilised quicker than in previous years.

Finally, 451 also attributes increasing M&A activity as a positive influence on the developing IoT market, with the ongoing vendor land-grab driving advancements in technology.

“We continue to be bullish that ultimately the hype of IoT will be proven to be warranted back on business impact,” said Brian Partridge, 451’s research VP. “Over the forecast period we expect that M2M/IoT solution suppliers will find fertile ground in vertical markets such as retail and government that will adopt IoT/M2M to enable strategic digitization strategies such as smart cities and the use of digital signage, mobile point of sale, and connected kiosks to drive the transformation from brick and mortar to ‘click and mortar’.”

Simultaneously, Harbor Research has revealed some numbers forecasting the profitability of IoT applications, claiming 80% of IoT apps will be generating revenue for users within the next three years. At present, its survey suggest, 65% of apps are money making.

451 Research also looked into the use of wearable tech in the enterprise, and said that 39% of the IT decision-makers it quizzed will be deploying wearable tech solutions in the next six months, with another 24% following within a year. Of those deploying in the next six months, 81% identified smart watches as their wearable tech of choice.

“The release of Apple Watch has opened the flood gates governing wearables’ adoption,” said Ryan Martin, who’s an IoT and wearable tech analyst at 451. “Not now that the river is running, it’s less about where it will end and more about where – and when – to start. We expect wearable technology to deliver a key interface and input into the Industrial Internet of Things”.

To go alongside its research, 451 produced this handy market map for the IoT ecosystem.

 IoT Market Map 451

Watch Why Phone Calls on the Apple Watch Will Be a Disaster (NSFW)

One thing Apple is undeniably great at is user experience. That being said, while we’re certainly excited for most of what the Apple Watch will bring to users in regard to apps, we’re still not sold on the idea of answering calls with our wrist. Turns out, neither was this guy (Warning: Video below is NSFW)… […]

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