Cloud Predictions for 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on the good and bad things that have happened over the last year, learn from it, and get set to welcome the new year on a positive note. Over the last year, cloud industry has seen many positive developments that are likely to extend into 2017 as well, and there are some new developments that are expected to take place in the upcoming year. Here are a few cloud predictions for 2017.

Explosive growth

It’s no-brainer to predict that 2017 will see rapid growth in the cloud industry. Already, many companies understand the benefits that come from switching to cloud, so they’ve already moved their operations to it, or are in the process of doing so. In addition, emergence of technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning are likely to fuel the growth of cloud industry.

More acquisitions

2016 saw a ton of new startup companies in the cloud sector, that offered unique cloud-based products and services for end clients. We can expect many of these small companies to be acquired by the large cloud-providers, to keep pace with the business pressures and competition in this industry. In this sense, 2017 maybe a bounty year for many startups, as they can get a good deal in the acquisition, provided they have a unique product that adds value to clients.

Focus on management

Since companies are moving more operations and processes to the cloud, management of these processes would be a central aspect in 2017. Due to the growing nature of operations, it may no longer be possible to manage operations through manual processes, so they’ll have to look for automation tools. This means, it’s going to be double digit growth for companies that are involved in creating management consoles and tools.

Talent and employment

There is a big gap that exists between the demand and supply for cloud-related skills, and this gap is expected to further widen in 2017. Cloud companies are sure to expand their operations as more clients are considering the idea of moving to the cloud. This growth will generate a greater need for cloud talent, that is unfortunately falling quite short already. On a positive note, this trend can generate more jobs and job-related choices for those who are interested in learning the skills needed for this industry.

More breaches

As unfortunate as this may sound, we’re going to see more data breaches in 2017. The good news, however is that analysts predict most of this will happen over traditional systems, as cloud security has become stronger and more resilient over the last year. In fact, cloud systems may be the hardest to break since it has many layers of proactive monitoring and sophisticated security. Traditional systems don’t enjoy these advantages, so they’re more prone to attacks.

In short, 2017 is going to be a fun and exciting year for the cloud industry, and the benefits are expected to spill over to other industries, businesses, and economy at large. On this positive note, let’s welcome the new year.

Happy new Year!

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Is On-Premise BPM Still Relevant? | @CloudExpo #BPM #Cloud #DataCenter

Like the daily newspaper that many thought would be dead by now, on-premise business process management tools are probably here to stay for the foreseeable future because a lot of enterprise IT directors are not convinced that their enterprise data is ready to transition to the cloud. Many enterprises prefer on-premise BPM software because it is tangible, visible, and exists within the enterprise boundaries. IT leadership feels that they have to have datacenters within their ‘jurisdiction’ in order to keep their corporate data safe.

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It’s the holiday season, and one IT wish list item may be cloud control and confidence. There’s a whole new crop of companies offering cloud management and governance services to ease the adoption and maintenance of cloud. There are a lot of challenges to getting the best value out of cloud, like security, multi-cloud management and end-to-end visibility.

This time of year is ideal for eating a lot and finding out where your gifts are hidden around the house. Soon enough, though, it’ll be resolution time when the new year arrives and you take stock of your big-picture goals for 2017. We hear a lot about “digital transformation” and modernizing IT, which can seem like awfully lofty goals. What’s the actual day-to-day plan? What are the actions IT teams, managers and CIOs can take to make sure they’re improving upon their current technologies and processes?

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How to reach Parallels Support

Parallels Support team guest author: Dineshraj Yuvaraj If you’re new to Parallels, you might be interested to know that we offer 24/7 support. This blog will show you the available options. Depending on the product you are using, Parallels offers a variety of options to reach support, including Twitter, Facebook, Forum, phone, email, and chat. […]

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Why Veeva is well-poised for 2017?

Life sciences industry continues to use many legacy systems, as it has been slow to adopt cloud technology in its operations. However, this trend is changing, albeit slowly, as more pharma companies are looking to tap into the enormous benefits offered by cloud.

There have been many reasons for this shift, with innovation being the foremost of them all. Today, most of the innovations happen in the cloud, and this is also one area that attracts the maximum number of venture capitalists. Since more innovations are expected to happen in 2017, it’s best for pharma companies to move to it at the earliest, so they can take advantage of these developments as they happen.

Another important reason for pharma companies to think of moving their operations to the cloud is the shrinking global space. Today, almost every major company has its operations spread across the world. This means, they need the right tools to collaborate and work together. Cloud is the right technology to meet this need, as it makes easy for employees to communicate with each other, regardless of their physical location. Likewise, it also helps companies to distribute their products to a global marketplace, and maybe even work with partners located on the other side of the world.

Due to these benefits, cloud-based companies like Veeva are working on creating a full suite of applications that’ll help companies in the life sciences industry to use cloud. They have already built a platform called Vault, and are looking to build clinical data management and clinical operation applications on it. This company also plans to have many integration points for connecting other applications to their platform. Currently, there is no single platform that provides a wide range of cloud applications for the life sciences industry, and Veeva plans to change that. Since it has perfected its platform over the last four or five years, it plans to start building applications on it in the coming year. This is why Veeva is poised to take a big leap forward in 2017.

Currently, the company is doing well on the financial side too. In 2015, it had set a target of $1 billion in revenue by 2020. During the second quarter of 2016, the company had a revenue of $142.8 million, and this was a 34 percent jump when compared to the same period of the previous year. At this rate of growth, Veeva may even achieve its target ahead of schedule, especially given that it plans to make a big foray into providing public cloud services starting next year.

Finally, the changes that have taken place over the last year such as Trump’s victory in US Elections and the passage of 21st Century Cures Act, could end up being advantageous to the company. According to its CEO, Peter Gassner, the life sciences industry is advancing at a rapid rate, so it’s only natural to have more regulators in the picture. He opines that this move will end up being positive for the life sciences industry at large, and Veeva in particular.

Due to these reasons. Veeva is well-poised for 2017.

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Clearly Satya Nadella has made a huge difference at Microsoft since taking office in 2014. The stock in 2016 hit an all time high since 1999. So investors are happy. Here are the key changes he has made since taking the role as CEO:
Skipped Windows 9 and went straight from Windows 8 to Windows 10, a great release. However revenues from Window is declining with the reduction of PC sales.

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The best-practices for building IoT applications with Go Code that attendees can use to build their own IoT applications.
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He also provided information on how to use Intel Arduino Kit, Go Robotics API and AWS IoT stack to build an application that gathers, analyzes, and acts on data generated by connected devices.

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