Using Digital Connected Services By @MetraTech | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

It is no surprise to anyone that service providers need to find new sources of revenue and increase profitability. The digital, cloud and as-a-service revolution provides a silver lining.
As IT organizations feel the tension that comes from a combination of aging legacy B2B infrastructure, changing business mandates and rapidly evolving e-commerce requirements, they are increasingly looking at digital services and outsourcing to trusted providers. They want a trusted partner to deliver connected digital services; including mobile, cloud and M2M/IoT.
The pressure is on for businesses to think about an end-to-end ‘order to cash’ process that spans multiple applications and systems, engages external business partners as well as taps into data and services that are increasingly located in the cloud. In other words – a giant mash-up of sorts. IT is not just about implementing an internal process as much as it is about structuring one shared multi-enterprise process(es).

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New Data Center Launched by @NaviSite | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

NaviSite, Inc., a Time Warner Cable company, has opened a new enterprise-class data center located in Santa Clara, California. The new data center will enable NaviSite to meet growing demands for its enterprise-class Cloud and Managed Services from existing and new customers. This facility, which is owned by data center solution provider Digital Realty, will join NaviSite’s fabric of nine existing data centers across the U.S. and U.K., all of which are designed to provide a resilient, secure, high-performance environment for business applications and mission critical data.

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Gerstner Secrets of Leadership By @JimKaskade | @ThingsExpo [#IoT]

Lou Gerstner became president of American Express in 1985 at the age of 43. He dismissed the speculation that his success was the product of being a workaholic. Gerstner said, “I hear that, and I can’t accept that. A workaholic can’t take vacations, and I take four weeks a year.”
As I write this, I’m in Wyoming with the family enjoying Yellowstone and Jackson Hole thinking, “Can I somehow achieve the level of impact of Lou Gerstner with the right work-life balance?” What keeps people from having to cancel vacations, modifying schedules to take budget calls, or work while the family sleeps?

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Plantronics to Present Internet of Things at @ThingsExpo | @Plantronics [#IoT]

Sensor-enabled things are becoming more commonplace, precursors to a larger and more complex framework that most consider the ultimate promise of the IoT: things connecting, interacting, sharing, storing, and over time perhaps learning and predicting based on habits, behaviors, location, preferences, purchases and more.
In his session at @ThingsExpo, Tom Wesselman, Director of Communications Ecosystem Architecture at Plantronics, will examine the still nascent IoT as it is coalescing, including what it is today, what it might ultimately be, the role of wearable tech, and technology gaps still in play, as the industry strives to create a cohesive, secure, scalable, and beneficial network of ‘things.’

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Solving the Data Veracity Problem By @PatAdamiak | @CloudExpo [#BigData]

The excitement around the possibilities enabled by Big Data is being tempered by the daunting task of feeding the analytics engines with high quality data on a continuous basis. As the once distinct fields of data integration and data management increasingly converge, cloud-based data solutions providers have emerged that can buffer your organization from the complexities of this continuous data cleansing and management so that you’re free to focus on the end goal: actionable insight.

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I Received 10 Million Euro Offer Through LinkedIn By @YFain | CloudExpo [#Cloud]

Then I’ve received an LinkedIn email from this woman stating that she had a business proposition for me, and if I was interested, she was ready to explain. She also provided her email that ended in I checked her LinkedIn profile again. Looked legit. She even had a Twitter account with recent tweets in two languages.

I responded that I was ready to hear about this business proposition. Next day I’ve received a long email from her explaining how she had a private client named Lewis Fain who initially deposited €19M in their bank and she helped him to grow the wealth to €22M, but unfortunately he died in a car crash. She’s ready to wire transfer me the money, in one condition: we’d split the amount in half so she could improve the wellbeing of her family. She also asked me not to ruin her career in the bank if I was not interested.

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Dispelling The Myths Of Agile By @TheEbizWizard | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Do you like the idea of Agile software development, but you don’t think it’s a fit at your organization? Perhaps your enterprise is too rigidly hierarchical, or maybe your projects are too large and complex for Agile?

Think again. Agile is well on its way to becoming the standard approach for developing software, even for immense, complex applications for enterprise use. Just ask the United States federal government.

That’s the news from this week’s Agile in Government: Mutual Adaptation conference, put on by The Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI), a government IT-focused nonprofit organization. This conference focused in particular on adapting Agile to the government’s labyrinthine acquisition policies and procedures, and vice versa.

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InterConnect 2015: Focusing on Cloud Technology

IBM’s annual InterConnect corporate convention is currently going on at the MGM and Mandalay Bay resorts in Las Vegas. The IBM sponsored convention is covering the cloud, mobile, DevOps, security, asset management, application integration and smarter processors. However, the main focus is expected to be the hybrid cloud. This will give IBM’s individual companies an opportunity to discuss how they can leverage each other’s technologies and capabilities.


IBM’s InterConnect is a combination of three events: Impact, Innovate and Pulse. Its purpose it to create a collaborative and comprehensive event.


Much of the new software and services being presented at the convention are designed to ease the work involved with connecting the public and private clouds. IBM has provided a service that allows data to be drawn from external API’s as well as a brand new system that allows organizations to move their workloads into the cloud easily.


Worldwide, about $80 billion has been spent to build and maintain hybrid systems annually. IBM is one of these companies, making the hybrid approach a major part of its cloud computing strategy. Most companies are already following suit and pushing for hybrid systems. Customers and service provider companies each have their own cloud, and the goal is being able to transfer information between them.


IBM’s BlueMix platform offers basic software functionality and management tools for those building cloud applications. BlueMix Local is a software package that promises a subset of these services. Companies can use the Local version to build in-house services and move them to the BlueMix hosted service to run in production.


IBM has recently developed a new API service called API Harmony. This service aggregates a range of public APIs that developers can then intertwine into their own applications. IBM’s Enterprise Containers service offers an entire system for managing virtual containers. This service is based on the Docker open source container, but with more security and management tools. Through API Harmony, users can move containers based on workloads between the IBM cloud and their own.

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Accelerated Time-to-Revenue By @AriaSystemsInc | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

I read an interesting article the other day that resonated so much I felt it was worth sharing and expanding upon its premise here. The article, originally written by Andrew Dailey of MGI Research, delved into the role of growth and accelerated time-to-revenue in a successful enterprise business.
According to Dailey, there’s a new mantra reverberating in the halls and conference rooms of hungry businesses: accelerated time-to-revenue equals profit and power.

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