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LiveVox, CallMiner Webinar: Mitigating Compliance Risk with Speech Analytics, Centralized Call Recording

LiveVox, a  cloud contact center software provider today announced a joint webinar with CallMiner, a provider of cloud-based speech analytics. As contact centers prepare for a tightening regulatory environment, the market is responding with new technology, among the most promising of which is speech analytics. LiveVox and CallMiner have partnered to provide a simple, cost effective and short deployment path for speech analytics. Join executives from both organizations as they discuss technology approaches for an uncertain but assuredly tightening regulatory world.

Speech analytics, like all business analytics strategies, is rooted in data and dependent on its accessibility. In order to aggregate data and make it accessible for analysis, site-based networks have been required to purchase equipment that necessitates large capital expenditures, ongoing maintenance and, most handicapping, integrations into existing topology. For multi-site operations, the cost and complexity are compounded with each site. Cloud changes that. Data is centralized, secure and available for analysis. Speech analytics for multisite contact centers is a great example of a cloud solution to a heretofore complex problem.

“It would not surprise me if call recording data is held to the same standard as financial data in the accounts receivable management industry. Clients and regulators expect a complete record of all financial transactions and agent documentation on accounts. The agent/consumer audio is critical data that is often glaringly absent. LiveVox makes it very straightforward for multisite contact centers to centralize data in a secure environment. Speech analytics turns that data into risk management and operational improvement gold,” said John McNamara, Chief Marketing Officer of LiveVox.

Join CallMiner, LiveVox and Accounts Receivable Management, Inc. operations and technology executives as they share a path to bypass integration hurdles and implement speech analytics to improve operations and compliance across the enterprise. The event will be held at 2PM, EST, Wednesday, Oct. 17th. Reserve your spot today.

“Leveraging speech analytics to automatically analyze calls can significantly reduce the risks associated with non-compliance for collectors in accounts receivable management. Instead of spot checking recordings, 100% of captured audio can be analyzed to ensure agents are saying things they should, such as the mini-Miranda, and not saying things they shouldn’t. The end result is better customer experience and higher success in collections efforts,” said Scott Kendrick, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at CallMiner.


  • Utilizing Centralized Call Recording to address integration challenges
  • Leveraging 100% call recording to maximize speech analytics initiatives
  • Transforming voice data into usable analytics across all operations
  • Practical uses of speech analytics to improve compliance and operations
  • Maximizing the LiveVox and CallMiner partnership for rapid deployment

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Voice Assist Closes $800,000 Strategic Private Placement

Voice Assist, Inc. (speech enabled handsfree safe driving solutions) today announced that it has closed a private placement yielding gross proceeds of $800,000. The terms include the sale of 5,333,333 shares of restricted common stock priced at $0.15 per share. In addition, the company has issued five year callable warrants to purchase up to an additional 5,333,333 shares of common stock at $0.50 per share, which would provide the company with up to $2.6 million of additional working capital if exercised.

“We are excited to participate as a significant strategic shareholder in Voice Assist,” said Paul Arena, Chief Executive Officer of Augme Technologies, Inc.. “This funding should allow Voice Assist the growth capital to accelerate its market penetration and sales cycle and to continue to innovate its speech platform into the smartphone, automotive and other mobile device industries. We are also impressed with Voice Assist’s intellectual property covering speech-driven browsing of cloud-based address books, music libraries and speech-driven updates to social networks including Facebook, Twitter and leading CRM platforms including We see a tremendous growth opportunity in these sectors and feel that Voice Assist is well positioned to become a market leader.”

“We believe the growth capital and relationship opportunities provided by strategic investors such as Augme Technologies can support the integration of speech control functionality into mobile marketing,” said Michael Metcalf, Chief Executive Officer of Voice Assist, Inc. “We also appreciate the participation in this private placement by a group of seasoned telecom and digital media executives who understand how our technology can be applied not only to mobile devices but also to landlines, VoIP lines and in other modes of communication.”

The funding package was managed by Source Capital Group, Inc., a boutique investment bank focused on emerging growth companies involved in the Communications, Internet, Digital Media, Energy, and Clean Tech industries. “We’re excited about Voice Assist because its technology can be used on any phone, which opens up a massive market opportunity unlike other solutions, which only run on the data channel of a smartphone,” said Vik Grover, CFA, Senior Managing Director.