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Colt expands cloud voice services with Genesys, Twilio and Zoom

Colt Technology Services (Colt) the digital infrastructure company, has expanded its Colt Intelligent Communication services (CIC) portfolio to meet growing demand from customers requiring agile, cloud-based global voice solutions. New Colt Cloud SIP is a flexible service which seamlessly connects across the Colt IQ network to platforms from leading communication service providers (CSPs) including Genesys, Twilio and Zoom.… Read more »

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Twisted Pair Adds Private Call Capability to its WAVE Mobile Communicator

Twisted Pair Solutions today announced that it has added point-to-point Private Call capability to its WAVE Mobile Communicator application for smartphones and tablets.

With Private Call mode selected, users can use a secure, one-to-one PTT capability with any other member of a WAVE communications system. Once the Private Call is complete, either user simply hangs up and the device returns to its pre-call state.

Twisted Pair’s announcement comes as many organizations seek a secure, reliable replacement for Sprint’s iDEN push-to-talk (PTT) network which was decommissioned at the end of June.

“The enterprise customer wants seamless communication, from radio systems to telephony systems to PTT systems to workforce apps,” said Tom Guthrie, Twisted Pair president and CEO. “WAVE is the only platform- and device-independent PTT solution proven to deliver secure, high-quality communications for the enterprise.”

The WAVE Mobile Communicator turns your smartphone or tablet into an instant communication PTT device. When equipped with the WAVE Mobile Communicator, a smartphone acts like a multichannel radio handset that sends and receives secure audio. WAVE servers residing in an enterprise data center, in a cloud environment or, if needed, on an individual PC, manage audio processing, management and distribution. The Private Call capability further differentiates WAVE as an over-the-top PTT solution that combines the richness of enterprise communications with workforce communications while offering increased flexibility over proprietary solutions.

Customers may deploy WAVE as an on-premise enterprise solution or as a cloud service. Twisted Pair offers its own cloud service, called WAVE Connections, which subscribers can access over any carrier or WiFi data network.

Amazon Acquires IVONA, Makers of Kindle Text-to-Speech Tech, Inc. today announced that it has acquired text-to-speech technology company IVONA Software. IVONA technologies power the “Text-to-Speech,” “Voice Guide” and “Explore by Touch” features on Kindle Fire tablets. Additionally, IVONA delivers text-to-speech products and services for thousands of developers, businesses and customers around the world.

“IVONA’s exceptional text-to-speech technology leads the industry in natural voice quality, accuracy and ease of use. IVONA is already instrumental in helping us deliver excellent accessibility features on Kindle Fire, including Text-to-Speech, Voice Guide and Explore by Touch,” said Dave Limp, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. “The IVONA team shares our passion for innovation and customer obsession, and we look forward to building great products to deliver world-class voice solutions to customers around the world.”

“For more than ten years, the IVONA team has been focused on creating innovative text-to-speech technologies,” said Lukasz Osowski, CEO and co-founder of IVONA. “We are all thrilled that Amazon is supporting our growth so that we can continue to innovate and deliver exceptional voice and language support for our customers.”

IVONA offers voice and language portfolios with 44 voices in 17 languages and more in development.

Voxware Fully Commits to Cloud-Based Enterprise Voice Solution

Voxware today announced the evolution of its Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS) for the enterprise. This latest offering from Voxware enables organizations off all sizes to migrate to a cloud-based voice management system to enhance operational productivity, improve accuracy and better serve its customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure.

Voxware solutions will be on display at ProMat 2013 at booth 3550 from January 21st through 24th.

This past summer, Voxware had announced the industry’s first premier voice picking cloud solution. Organizations like Hollywood Feed and Wagner SprayTech immediately adopted and deployed the solution and shortly thereafter, realized immediate gains and return on investment. Due to a ground swell of interest from customers and prospects at that time, Voxware has elected to extend the solution and fold in its complete VMS into the product. Now, small, mid and large organizations of any size can leverage the solution to handle all of their warehouse and in-store requirements while improving internal operations and brand reputation initiatives.

“In a very short amount of time, we have realized that any organization can benefit from our proven voice management suite that resides in the cloud. We have acted swiftly to evolve our cloud-based voice solution to incorporate all of the applications that our customers require beyond picking,” said Keith Phillips, President and CEO, Voxware. “This evolution demonstrates that we view innovation and enhancement as an ongoing, interdependent process made possible by the expertise of our team of engineers and the invaluable feedback of our customers.”

Cloud Enterprise VMS is a cost-effective, high impact voice option that will deliver the same level of quality as Voxware’s flagship on-premise offering. The ease with which Voxware can deploy and manage Cloud Enterprise VMS will simplify an organization’s installation process and drive better business results while realizing all of the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Those benefits include:

  • No IT overhead: Cloud Enterprise VMS can run without an IT infrastructure, eliminating costs associated with server hardware, maintenance and IT personnel
  • Time-to-value: The delivery time is significantly shorter than the fastest full-fledged voice solution
  • Future-proof: Users receive automatic software updates, as well as hardware refreshes, to ensure they are always leveraging the latest technologies
  • No WMS necessary: Small operations that run without a WMS can now realize the benefits of a voice solution
  • Straightforward SaaS model: This model guarantees that users get what they pay for, without any hidden fees or peripheral maintenance costs

Cloud Enterprise VMS is available immediately. Prospects and customers can request it through their Voxware sales representative or by contacting Voxware at 877-483-7239.

Nuance Adds Voice to Epic Mobile Electronic Health Record Apps

Nuance Communications, Inc.  today announced that Epic electronic health record (EHR) customers can now use voice-enabled clinical information capture through Epic Haiku for the iPhone™ and Canto for the iPad™.

“Epic’s mobile applications provide valuable EHR access both inside and outside the hospital or clinic environment,” said Dr. Jeffrey Westcott, medical director, Cardiac Catherization Lab, Swedish Medical Center. “For me, it’s important to have the on-the-go accessibility provided by tablets and smartphones. Using voice recognition to document a note in Haiku or Canto allows me to seamlessly dictate the patient narrative into the electronic healthcare record using a workflow that suits my style and ensures my focus can remain on patients.”

Nuance’s cloud-based, medical voice recognition builds off of its proven success with the more than 450,000 clinicians worldwide who use Nuance’s Best-in-KLAS clinical documentation solutions on the desktop every day. By leveraging the existing desktop-focused interface, Nuance enables Haiku and Canto customers to connect to Nuance Healthcare’s voice recognition in the cloud. This connectivity will provide maintenance-free access and automatic updates of personal speech profiles, medical vocabularies and user-defined shortcuts. Customers can also enter progress notes, histories and physical exams via voice.

“Clinicians’ work lives are not conducive to a desk and chair; they need the flexibility of a mobile environment to support their workflow – between exam rooms, clinics and hospitals – and all at a moment’s notice,” said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Healthcare. “Still, issues surrounding the adoption of mobile technologies remain, including limitations surrounding laborious touchscreen keyboards. With voice-enabled mobile EHR applications, clinicians can enjoy the benefits of the Nuance-powered functionality anytime, anywhere.”

Cerner, Nuance Collaborate to Embed Cloud-Based Voice Techn in Mobile EHR Solutions

Cerner and Nuance Communications today announced that the companies have expanded their relationship to accelerate the adoption of simpler, faster and smarter healthcare solutions for clinicians worldwide. The expanded partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to providing innovative, proven solutions that keep patient care a top priority by leveraging voice and mobile technologies to optimize clinician workflow and maximize the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs).

Under a new worldwide agreement, Cerner will embed Nuance’s cloud-based medical voice recognition into its full portfolio of mobile EHR solutions – including PowerChart Touch™ that was announced at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in February. This integration will create a new class of mobile healthcare solutions on phones and tablets that enable clinicians to capture more complete patient notes, navigate applications and search for information while on-the-go – simply by using their voice.

In addition, Cerner and Nuance announced the availability and integration of Nuance’s radiology reporting suite, PowerScribe 360, with Cerner’s RadNet® Radiology Information System (RIS). This solution is an example of both companies’ ongoing innovation and will allow radiologists to dictate, in real-time, reports that are integrated directly and instantly with the patient record.

“The expansion of our partnership with Nuance, a company that offers voice and clinical understanding solutions used by 450,000 clinicians worldwide, exemplifies our commitment to provide state-of-the-art solutions to customers across the globe,” said Don Bisbee, senior vice president of DeviceWorks at Cerner. “By incorporating Nuance’s voice recognition capabilities into our core clinical applications including our latest mobile solution, PowerChart Touch, we are able to provide the healthcare industry with a simple, fast method of capturing complex medical information within the patient record at the point-of-care.”

PowerChart Touch is a mobile, cloud-based solution that is part of the Millennium+ portfolio. PowerChart Touch offers role and venue-based mobile workflows which allow physicians to perform their job duties straight from a mobile device. PowerChart Touch will provide a true native application experience across an array of platforms. Nuance’s 360 | SpeechAnywhere medical voice recognition solution, the technology that is embedded within PowerChart Touch, is also cloud-based. Together, Cerner and Nuance solutions will help simplify the large scale deployment of these integrated technologies, while also reducing the overall cost of ownership for customers.

“For more than 30 years, Cerner has proven its ability to create digital technologies that solve problems and positively impact patient care. Its most recent mobile innovations are a prime example of how these solutions are transforming the EHR experience today, and a key reason why now is the right time to expand our partnership. Cerner’s solutions are enabling clinicians to experience a fully functional EHR – anytime and anywhere – and voice is playing an important role in making this a reality,” said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager of Nuance Healthcare. “We are excited to expand our partnership and confident that intuitive, voice-enabled technologies with deep Cerner integration will spur further industry innovation, improve the clinician experience and help focus efforts on the core mission – providing quality patient care.”

Voxware Cloud-based Voice Solution Goes GA

Voxware today announced the general availability of its Cloud Voice Management Suite (Cloud VMS). This marks the first high-end cloud-based voice software solution that enables companies to enhance operational productivity, improve accuracy and better serve its customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure.

Voxware announced the beta version of Cloud VMS in July of this year. Shortly thereafter, Hollywood Feed, a provider of natural and holistic pet food, as well as ancillary services, selected Voxware’s Cloud VMS to help improve its product fulfillment processes. Unlike on-premise solutions, implementation of the software took just 11 days, enabling Hollywood Feed to immediately leverage the product’s key capabilities. To date, all Hollywood Feed users have been trained, completed practice assignments and are currently using the solution in their daily operations.

“It is rare that an outside team can come in and integrate so easily within an organization; however, Voxware was able to achieve that,” said Shawn McGhee, President of Hollywood Feed. “We found that Voxware truly cares about our users, customers and the success of our company’s short and long-term goals. While there were a variety of factors that led us to select Voxware, I can attest today that they are a good fit for our operation and are already achieving tangible results.”

“With Cloud VMS, we have developed a low-cost, high-impact voice option for smaller to mid-size operations that delivers the same level of quality as our flagship on-premise offering,” said Keith Phillips, President and CEO, Voxware. “Introducing voice solutions to a new customer base extends our market potential and adds range to our well known product line. Evolving our voice solution and taking it to the cloud was a natural extension for us. The ease with which we can deploy and manage Cloud VMS simplifies our customers’ installation processes and drives better business results.”

Voxware has also created a self-evaluation tool that allows companies to determine whether a cloud-based voice solution is right for its business objectives. This tool is available free to all visitors of the Voxware website at Get Cloud VMS. With this tool, Voxware has streamlined the considerations that an organization needs to evaluate as it chooses a method to enhance productivity, safety and brand loyalty.

Key benefits of Cloud VMS:

  • Ease of use: Users do not need technical expertise to employ Cloud VMS
    – they simply complete a questionnaire before receiving a
    ready-to-deploy product
  • No IT overhead: Cloud VMS can run without an IT infrastructure,
    eliminating costs associated with server hardware, maintenance and IT
  • Time-to-value: The delivery time is significantly shorter than the
    fastest full-fledged voice solution
  • Future-proof: Users receive automatic software updates, as well as
    hardware refreshes, to ensure they are always leveraging the latest
  • No WMS necessary: Small operations that run without a WMS can now
    realize the benefits of a voice solution
  • Straightforward SaaS model: This model guarantees that users get what
    they pay for, without any hidden fees or peripheral maintenance costs Inc. Gets VoIP Multi-connection Device Patent Inc. today announced the grant of U.S. Pat. No. 8,243,722 titled “VOIP Analogue Telephone System” This unique invention allows a voice-over-IP user to connect via Ethernet, USB, WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, or other wireless protocols, a VoIP call seamlessly between devices and netTALK switching centers.

The grant of the ’722 patent reflects the efforts carried out by netTALK and its engineering team to bring the “First of its Kind” Multi-connection device to the market. netTALK is the pioneer in creating devices that allow customers to travel anywhere and take their low priced telephone service with them. netTALK was the very first company in the world to have a dual connectivity VoIP device with its TK6000/DUO that allowed the user to use either USB or Ethernet connection.

This was followed by another first with the introduction of the DUO WiFi that allows the user to choose USB, Ethernet or WiFi connectivity for their telephone service. netTALK’s ongoing innovation supports its growth initiatives in many sectors, including its new mobile app for Android and iPhones, mobile cell phone service, video, SMS texting, and other services which enables customers to free themselves from traditional high cost service providers. Other pending US and international patent applications are in review, reinforcing netTALK’s commitment to develop and protect innovative technologies that better serve the needs of netTALK’s customers.

Fonality Enhances Contact Center Features for HUD Mobile

Image representing Fonality as depicted in Cru...Fonality today announced a new release of the Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile application delivering extensive contact center features among other enhancements. The application now offers users 100 percent management and visibility of individual queues over tablets and mobile smartphones. In addition, the solution can now be accessed by Fonality’s 200,000+ end-users across its entire cloud-based and hybrid-hosted product line including: Fonality Connect, Fonality PBXtra and Fonality trixboxPro.

HUD Mobile empowers the mobile workforce with cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications and contact center capabilities in a single-view, secure, user-friendly interface via Apple or Android platforms. This announcement represents a first step in an ongoing “innovation series” of rollouts over the coming months to help growing businesses save time, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs.

“Mobility is without question a must-have to drive productivity especially for SMBs and we’ve already seen broad adoption of Fonality HUD Mobile,” said Fonality’s Chief Technology Officer Rick Bushell. “By enhancing contact center features and making the app available our entire solution base, all of our customers can work from anywhere, anytime. We are committed to delivering smart, simple and affordable business phone solutions to small businesses. HUD Mobile and the upcoming feature releases were designed to help our customers communicate more efficiently, giving them the competitive edge they need for growth.”

The exclusive Fonality HUD Mobile technology brings the entirety of the contact center environment on-the-go. All activities in the queue, including current and pending calls, can be accessed complemented by real-time performance metrics for quality control. Managers enjoy a 360-degree view of all communications, including color-coded agent status, call types and duration. In addition, they have the ability to record calls on-the-fly or join through barge, monitor or whisper modes. Agents can also log in and out of queues to maintain high levels of customer service.

“As a global wine distributor we are extremely busy and often work remotely,” said Justin Hammer, vice president of B-21. “Because our industry is so competitive, we have to be in touch with our global network of buyers to ensure that we have the most popular wines available as quickly as possible. Fonality HUD Mobile allows us to stay connected around the world so we can make quick purchasing decisions to add the latest wines to our catalog. This flexibility has improved our productivity and profitability, because we can stock wines faster. In fact, we recently secured a new wine, made it available online and sold out within a single day solely because of the efficiencies enabled by Fonality HUD Mobile. It is a real difference maker!”

Fonality HUD Mobile creates the same experience as its award-winning desktop counterpart. The mobile solution connects phones, desktops and critical business applications with access to presence and collaboration capabilities. “Find me/follow me” provides seamless connectivity between desktop and mobile devices, along with unified messaging and Microsoft Outlook integration. For improved productivity, other features include company directory, visual voicemail, virtual conference room access, as well as photo caller ID, ring-back and on-the-fly call recording. To control costs and preserve cell minutes, Wi-Fi connectivity can also be activated.