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Now Available: Parallels Plesk Automation with Free Unlimited Support


As you consider the next steps in growing your hosting business, Parallels recommends to start centralizing your mail and spam management, and consider offering both Linux and Windows web hosting from the same integrated hosting system.  Our new Parallels Plesk Automation enables you to do all of this from a central management node/administrative control panel with easier updating. Because this server architecture separates your automation and panel from your hosting nodes, Parallels Plesk Automation delivers superior security and uptime.


Parallels understands that fast problem resolution and uptime are both critically important to professional hosters.  So, to prove this, we’re offering free support with Parallels Plesk Automation.  This support offer covers all of your nodes (each of which require Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited Dedicated licenses).  This means Parallels will provide support for your Management Node as well as your Web Hosting and Mail nodes.


But, we also recognize that self-help and the ability to identify and reduce problems before they happen are big factors in maximizing your uptime.  We have tried to streamline Parallels Plesk Automation to make it simple to install, configure, and run.   When you add a new node, you can select one of many pre-configured workloads to install on it.  When you want to attach an existing Parallels Plesk Panel server, we give you the choice between assimilating it – where no website settings are touched – or transferring it, where it moves into the new cluster but can be reverted back out. If you do encounter a problem that requires troubleshooting, you will be able to easily find the tools to help you do so on this dedicated support site here.


Parallels has made a strong commitment to improving the usability of our software, self-help tools, and support experience.  As you contemplate adopting Parallels Plesk Automation, we hope you’ll consider all of our new enhancements and free support offer.  We are trying to provide the best growth path forward in all of our next gen hosting systems, and our commitment to an enhanced support experience is a central part of this value.


Thanks for considering the new Parallels Plesk Automation.  We look forward to growing with you.


All the best,


Craig Bartholomew
Vice President Panel Products, Parallels

Getting Smart About Webhosting Bundles (Guest Blog)


Parallels is happy to present a guest blog post from Infratel CEO, Bryan Goode. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


All Add-Ons Are Not Created the Same


It is now common to hear industry leaders urge hosting companies to bundle additional services with hosting packages.  Research has consistently shown that adding new services to hosting plans increases average revenue per user [ARPU] and has a positive effect on customer churn rates.


But wait, you say – where do I start?  How do I decide what services to bundle with my hosting packages?  Which add-ons best help me increase ARPU and reduce churn?  


At Infratel, we believe that you should consider two criteria when deciding which add-ons to include in a bundle:


  1. 1) Is this add-on related to the main, anchor product in my hosting plan?
  2. 2) Is this add-on relevant to customers who buy my hosting plans?


With these criteria in mind, we’re pleased to announce Infratel ClickConnect for Websites, the ideal add-on for webhosting bundles.  


Infratel ClickConnect for Websites is built specifically to be bundled with webhosting plans and allows your users to add ‘Click to Call’ functionality to a site in 30 seconds or less – helping your small business users convert more website visitors into customers!  


To make the opportunity even better, Infratel ClickConnect is the entryway into additional telephony services for your customers.   


Recent research shows that small businesses truly need a professional phone presence and fewer than 30% of your small business webhosting users have this type of a presence – representing a huge untapped market for the webhosting industry.


Get started today bundling Infratel ClickConnect for Websites with your webhosting plans.  To celebrate the Plesk 11 launch, for a limited time we’re offering you a FREE subscription for your own use when you bundle Infratel ClickConnect for Websites with your webhosting plans.  Click here to contact us today!


Bryan Goode


Host-IT Now Offering Plesk 11


Host-IT have been providing Virtual Hosting, VPS Services and operating our own UK Data Centre’s since 1995. As a provider of outstanding hosting products we are actively participating in the official launch of the long awaited Parallels Plesk Panel 11.


When we heard about the launch of the new Plesk 11 Panel we immediately began testing the new platform and we found the look and feel to the new interface and business model to be perfect for our customers.  We will be offering the Plesk 11 with all new VPS and dedicated server plans as of the launch date of June 26th.


ByteHouse Offering to Make Your ‘Web Hosting Life Easier’ with Plesk 11


Parallels has always been the leader in the web hosting control panel market and we are pleased to be a launch partner and provide their latest and most advance feature packed version to all our web hosting clients.  Plesk 11 is an easy to use language rich control panel that has addressed many of the concerns of the web hosting community with an upgrade of the reseller package that enables users to have complete control of their customer facing stores, discounts, billing and US and international taxation.


The new feature rich product also provides you Parallel’s upgraded site builder re-branded “Web presence builder” that provides an easy to use point and click drag and drop instant web site builder. There are over 100 pre-configured templates to cater to the myriad of small business and hobbies that you may have. For those more adventurous, you have the option of clicking on the hundreds of open source applications such as WordPress or Drupal web development products and downloading them pre-configured hassle free.


“We are excited to offer such a powerful and extensive range of feature rich products to our web hosting customers that we believe will make their web hosting life easier whilst having greater control of their hosting environments” says Fred Jones, ByteHouse product development manager.


ZNet Offers Free Plesk 11 for 10 Domains with Every Windows & Linux VPS



ZNet-Parallels partnership will move ahead with ZNet becoming a part of Parallels Plesk 11 Launch. With this launch, ZNet will offer free Parallels Plesk 11 for 10 domains with every Windows & Linux VPS. It’s great to see Parallels Plesk 11 with a new look & added features that includes:


  • Cloud-Friendly Cloning of Images into Leading Virtual Environments
  • Improved Web Server Performance with NGINX (Linux) Modern Architecture
  • Improved Security
  • And more…


Best of Luck to Parallels Team!!


NuBlue on the Slick and Intuitive Parallels Plesk 11 Interface (Guest Blog)


NuBlue was established in 2005 and has quickly become a leading e-commerce hosting provider in the UK.


Since our inception we have used the Parallels Plesk control panel as no other product offers our customers the powerful and intuitive interface combination that Plesk allows. Our business has grown massively as Plesk has continued to evolve. With Plesk 11 it feels like the product has reached an evolutionary milestone. 


Our team and our clients love the new interface, the speed of it, the slick and well organised feature set it provides. It just feels intuitive. Under the hood we are very excited by the possibilities of Nginx and SNI support as well as the myriad of performance enhancements that have been made, not to mention the out the box IPv6 support which stands us in good stead for our impending IPv6 rollout!


All in all we see this release of Plesk as the most exciting release yet and we can’t wait to introduce it to all our customers.


Tom Ashworth

Technical Director


VIUX™ offers Parallels Plesk Panel 11


Parallels® Plesk Panel 11 is scheduled for release on 6/26/12. ViUX Systems will be among the first Web Hosting Providers to offer Plesk 11 – fully integrated with our Shared Cloud Hosting, VPS / Cloud Servers, and Dynamic Dedicated Servers.


Over the coming weekend maintenance window we will be upgrading our Hosting Automation Ssystem, Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS), to version 4.2.0 to add support for Plesk Panel 11.


VIUX™ Hosting currently makes use of Plesk 10.4.4 on all servers. When we roll out Plesk 11 on 6/26/12 it will be initially just on newly deployed servers; however all existing servers will be scheduled for upgrade to Plesk 11 over the weeks following its release. Plesk 11 adds many new features and improvements, so we are very excited about being an early adopter of Parallels® Plesk Panel 11 and to participate in its launch events.


ViUX™ originally selected Plesk as our Control Panel back in 2005 after reviewing it at HostingCon that same year. A primary factor in our selection of Plesk over cPanel (and several other contenders) was that it supported both Linux and Windows – thereby allowing us to roll out a single Control Panel System to ALL of our customers. This then lead us to become a Parallels® Partner and to select Virtuozzo and PBAS to complete our Hosting System.


Plesk 11 combined with our new Cloud Hosting System and the latest versions of Virtuozzo and PBAS will take ViUX™ Hosting to new levels of ease-of-use and performance!


GoDaddy Guest Blog: Announcing Parallels Plesk Panel 11


Go Daddy is excited to announce the launch of Parallels® Plesk Panel 11 on VPS and dedicated hosting environments. Starting June 26, all new Plesk installations will provision with version 11, and existing Go Daddy customers can request a server reprovision to update their control panels to the newer version.

What’s in store for Parallels Plesk 11 users? First and foremost is the integration of NGINXTM as the end-user Web server. NGINX edge server technology lets you increase the number of maximum concurrent website connections, decrease server CPU and memory resource consumption, and improve the efficiency of serving your visitors with slow connection speeds on your Linux® server.

If increased server performance doesn’t get you excited enough, Parallels Plesk 11 promises improved security features to really get you fired up.

Enhanced security mode introduces advanced protection of sensitive data in Panel. With enhanced security mode enabled, password reminders and remote API features are updated to further protect your server from unauthorized access.

Additional security updates include password-protected backups and minimum strength requirements for user generated passwords. Secure backups lock attackers out of backup data if your external storage backup is compromised.

With Parallels Plesk 11, you can now force stronger user passwords by choosing from five password strength levels. Setting a minimum strength password requirement helps ensure server login integrity.

Plesk 11 gives you increased server performance, added security and more to your panel and websites!

Be sure to check out the Go Daddy Virtual Dedicated Server and Dedicated Server product pages for more information on advanced hosting solutions. 


Layershift Offers Free month of Managed Hosting with Plesk Panel 11



This guest post and promotion comes from Andrew Cranson, Director and founder of Layershift, a Managed Hosting provider and long-term Parallels Platinum Partner based in the United Kingdom with services in the UK, New York and Singapore.


We have been working exclusively with Parallels Plesk Panel for over 11 years now; initially providing shared hosting and now focusing on Managed VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Complex Hosting catering to a wide range of customers around the world. Plesk helps our customers to get the best performance and flexibility from our hosting service. We’re seeing a huge sense of anticipation from customers and staff over the launch of Parallels Plesk Panel 11 as this adds further new powerful features to our portfolio which are in strong demand.


Each new Plesk release continues to add highly requested functionality directly from our customers – the engineering team do a great job constantly enhancing the product and rapidly fixing bugs with weekly updates to make sure it always delivers the best results for the user.


To celebrate the launch of Parallels Plesk Panel 11 we are pleased to announce a special offer across our range of Cloud VPS and Cloud VPS Extreme products! Until July 31st 2012 we are offering two months half price on all plans with 1GB RAM or more.


All our Managed Cloud Hosting services come as standard with:


  • Parallels Plesk Panel 11, with optional Web Presence Builder 11
  • PHP 5.3 & MySQL 5
  • Nginx turbocharger (for high performance websites with reduced CPU & RAM usage)
  • Layershift Managed Care Packs (end-to-end service guarantees and extra features)
  • 24×7 Fully-Managed Expert Support and Monitoring from Plesk Experts since 2001
  • 14 day Money Back Guarantee


To take advantage of this promotion, simply enter the following coupon code in our store while signing up for a new UK, USA or Singapore hosting solution:


Coupon code: PP11LAUNCH


I invite you to find out more about how Layershift with Plesk 11 compare to other providers and view Layershift reviews and customer testimonials at our website where you can chat with one of our friendly sales engineers.


Damien Ransome, Sales Director, Layershift Limited


Cirrus Tech Pumps Up VPS Hosting Plans with Parallels Plesk Panel 11


Cirrus Tech, a Canadian web hosting provider specializing in shared, VPS and cloud hosting services, is participating as an official launch partner for the release of Parallels Plesk Panel 11, the latest version of the award-winning web hosting control panel. 


At Cirrus, we are committed to providing our customers with the most up to date technology available. When we were approached by the Parallels team about participating in the launch, we jumped on board without hesitation and are thrilled to provision version 11 of the Parallels Plesk Panel on our Virtual Machine and Virtual Private Server hosting plans as of June 26th, 2012.


Users will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the intuitive and fully integrated Plesk control panel, and can now also take advantage of the new and improved features of version 11, including:


– An updated, modern look and feel to the user interface

– Improved web server performance and load times thanks to nginx high-performance architecture 

– Better security features including improved password encryption, options to enforce the use of strong passwords for users, and the ability to configure Parallels Plesk Panel 11 for PCI compliance

– A new Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes the addition and customization of extensions easier than ever


At Cirrus, we’ve built our VPS hosting services from the ground up to offer a flexible, reliable, and cost effective solution that can meet the hosting needs of any business. Parallels Plesk Panel is a big part of our recipe for success. 


Ehsan Mirdamadi, CEO, Cirrus Tech Ltd. – a Canadian web hosting company providing affordable, dependable VM and VPS hosting services since 1999.