Now Available: Parallels Plesk Automation with Free Unlimited Support


As you consider the next steps in growing your hosting business, Parallels recommends to start centralizing your mail and spam management, and consider offering both Linux and Windows web hosting from the same integrated hosting system.  Our new Parallels Plesk Automation enables you to do all of this from a central management node/administrative control panel with easier updating. Because this server architecture separates your automation and panel from your hosting nodes, Parallels Plesk Automation delivers superior security and uptime.


Parallels understands that fast problem resolution and uptime are both critically important to professional hosters.  So, to prove this, we’re offering free support with Parallels Plesk Automation.  This support offer covers all of your nodes (each of which require Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited Dedicated licenses).  This means Parallels will provide support for your Management Node as well as your Web Hosting and Mail nodes.


But, we also recognize that self-help and the ability to identify and reduce problems before they happen are big factors in maximizing your uptime.  We have tried to streamline Parallels Plesk Automation to make it simple to install, configure, and run.   When you add a new node, you can select one of many pre-configured workloads to install on it.  When you want to attach an existing Parallels Plesk Panel server, we give you the choice between assimilating it – where no website settings are touched – or transferring it, where it moves into the new cluster but can be reverted back out. If you do encounter a problem that requires troubleshooting, you will be able to easily find the tools to help you do so on this dedicated support site here.


Parallels has made a strong commitment to improving the usability of our software, self-help tools, and support experience.  As you contemplate adopting Parallels Plesk Automation, we hope you’ll consider all of our new enhancements and free support offer.  We are trying to provide the best growth path forward in all of our next gen hosting systems, and our commitment to an enhanced support experience is a central part of this value.


Thanks for considering the new Parallels Plesk Automation.  We look forward to growing with you.


All the best,


Craig Bartholomew
Vice President Panel Products, Parallels