GoDaddy Guest Blog: Announcing Parallels Plesk Panel 11


Go Daddy is excited to announce the launch of Parallels® Plesk Panel 11 on VPS and dedicated hosting environments. Starting June 26, all new Plesk installations will provision with version 11, and existing Go Daddy customers can request a server reprovision to update their control panels to the newer version.

What’s in store for Parallels Plesk 11 users? First and foremost is the integration of NGINXTM as the end-user Web server. NGINX edge server technology lets you increase the number of maximum concurrent website connections, decrease server CPU and memory resource consumption, and improve the efficiency of serving your visitors with slow connection speeds on your Linux® server.

If increased server performance doesn’t get you excited enough, Parallels Plesk 11 promises improved security features to really get you fired up.

Enhanced security mode introduces advanced protection of sensitive data in Panel. With enhanced security mode enabled, password reminders and remote API features are updated to further protect your server from unauthorized access.

Additional security updates include password-protected backups and minimum strength requirements for user generated passwords. Secure backups lock attackers out of backup data if your external storage backup is compromised.

With Parallels Plesk 11, you can now force stronger user passwords by choosing from five password strength levels. Setting a minimum strength password requirement helps ensure server login integrity.

Plesk 11 gives you increased server performance, added security and more to your panel and websites!

Be sure to check out the Go Daddy Virtual Dedicated Server and Dedicated Server product pages for more information on advanced hosting solutions.