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We Want to Feature Your Company and SMB Customers in a Mini-Case Study

Have Parallels products helped you solve a problem for one of your SMB customers? If so, we’d like to highlight your company and your customer in a case study. Check out some of our existing case studies to get an idea of the type of exposure that your company and your SMB customers will receive, including being highlighted on our website, social media, and at our events like Parallels Summit.

Our case studies are professionally written, and Parallels covers all associated costs. All that we ask is that you participate in a short telephone interview with our writer and introduce us to your SMB client that you would like to highlight. You and your customer will receive full review and approval rights, and you will also have the right to utilize the case study for your purposes, however you may choose (your website, eNewsletter, events, etc.)

If you’d like to participate and have us develop a case study for you, contact Scott Fallon, Sr. Director of Partner Marketing.

Parallels Partner Awards Winners Announced at Parallels Summit 2013



The winners of the 2012 Parallels Partner Awards have been announced! Each of these winners recognize were able to make the best use of the assets Parallels provides and were able to innovate and differentiate their service in the rapidly-expanding small and medium business (SMB) cloud services market.


“On behalf of Parallels and personally, I’d like to congratulate both the finalists and recipients of this year’s Parallels Partner Awards. They are leading and innovative cloud service providers and technology companies, and each one of them has done something outstanding in 2012,” said Birger Steen, CEO of Parallels. “Parallels is proud to be a catalyst to a growing and powerful partner ecosystem designed to help service providers grow and profit from the cloud. We are delighted to acknowledge these partners at Parallels Summit 2013.”


The recipients of the 2012 Parallels Partner Awards are:



Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!


Teaming up with Telenor to enable their journey to the Cloud


Telenor Norway this week announced that they in partnership with Telenor Group’s Cloud service subsidiary, Telenor Business Internet Services, are teaming up with Microsoft to offer Microsoft Office 365 and Lync bundled with Telenor’s communication services. Parallels made tangible execution among these groups possible.


Parallels partnered closely with Telenor in their Cloud project. Telenor will deploy Parallels Automation, a comprehensive service delivery system, and will work with Parallels broad ecosystem of cloud services providers that are APS certified to build a comprehensive offering. They will use Parallels’ expertise in defining winning go-to-market strategies.


In their announcement this week Telenor Norway communicated that the first order of business for them was to develop a channel outreach and enablement strategy that could be executed in conjunction with launching their first service, syndicated Microsoft Office 365.  Telenor already has an established channel serving over two million subscribers in Norway and Sweden, so it was relatively easy to reach the channel.  The objective though was to find a compelling value proposition that this channel could easily sell.


As it turns out, one of the key differentiators of Telenor’s Office 365 service is that its telephony services are fully integrated into Lync Online from Office 365.  Therefore, it was relatively easy to excite the channel with this highly sought after value-added service.


It became a matter of enabling the channel with proper training to ensure that affiliates could support Office365 effectively for their respective subscribers – and make a decent profit doing so.  Microsoft became a valuable partner in this regard, while Parallels software remains crucial to the provisioning, billing, and self-service enablement of the services.


The next step for Telenor is to expand this program to their subsidiaries across Europe and Asia.  They could make this expansion only with Parallels Automation, as it is the only centralized system that can coordinate across all subsidiaries using Microsoft’s MOSI interface as well as provide comprehensive support for a multi-channel sales motion.  We’ll update this blog post as Telenor evolves their program.


Innovation Guru Jeremy Gutsche, Small Business Expert Tim Harmon and VMware President Tod Nielsen to Deliver Keynote Speeches at Parallels Summit 2013

Register for Parallels Summit by Dec. 31 and receive the opportunity to attend a Parallels Certified Training Course for free. That’s a $2,000 savings! Plus, when you use the code ATGNB89Z, you’ll receive $100 off of your Parallels Summit registration! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to grow your business. Register today at
We’re thrilled to announce an exciting roster keynote speakers for Parallels Summit 2013, the leading global annual gathering of the cloud industry, scheduled from February 4-6, 2013, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Parallels featured keynote speakers include Jeremy Gutsche, an innovation expert, award-winning author of Exploiting Chaos, and founder of TrendHunter.comTim Harmon who as Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. serves technology marketing professionals in developing SMB go-to-market channels; and Tod Nielsen, Co-President of Application Platform, VMware. Each are industry experts whose collective insight is highly sought-after for creating strategies to market IT services to small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Members of Parallels’ leadership team will also deliver keynote speeches – including Birger Steen, CEO; Serguei Beloussov, Executive Chairman of the Board & Chief Architect; and Jack Zubarev, President, Marketing and Alliances. These hosting industry authorities will share what Parallels has been developing in the last year including the latest innovations in Parallels software, offering attendees deep insight into their customers, and access to the broadest ecosystem of partners – all to make it easy for you to sell cloud services to SMBs.


Parallels Summit will feature rich sessions with integrated in-depth content arranged in three distinct tracks:


  • Business track will feature innovative ways to understand and more deeply analyze customers behaviors
  • Technical track is focused on how to make the best use of the latest innovations from Parallels R&D
  • Developer track is for those who want to build and integrate rich services using the Application Packaging Standard (APS) in a way that was never possible before

In addition to the keynotes and training sessions, conference attendees will receive a detailed overview of Parallels product roadmap in advance of public announcements. Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™ research will be updated with all new analysis for US, Global, Mexico, and Brazil exploring what services SMBs say they want to buy from cloud service providers.

“I am looking forward to Parallels Summit 2013. Gathering the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry, Parallels Summit creates moments for attendees to make important connections,” said Birger Steen, CEO, Parallels. “Attendees will discover the latest solutions, gain insight from industry experts, network with their peers and move their business forward. All this in just a couple of days because the entire ecosystem will be there.”


Parallels invites you to register now and join the more than 1,500 industry influencers, leading technology analysts, media editors and reporters and online influentials from across the globe. From cloud service providers and developers, hosting companies, communication service providers (CSPs) to value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs), Parallels Summit 2013 is an unrivaled opportunity to build relationships with the leading players in the cloud space.


Attend Parallels Summit and you can also meet and interact with other leading players in the hosting industry, including key executives and technical staff from Platinum and Gold event sponsors IBM, Symantec, Microsoft, Enom, LuxCloud and OpenXchange among the over 50 event sponsors from across the entire hosting ecosystem.


Register today at



Massive Change to the Web Culture is Just around the Corner, Offering Exciting Opportunities to Web Hosters This string of characters — the domain address for a web site or other internet service — pervades our culture. Today, virtually every organization and individual has confronted the challenge of reducing their professional or personal brand to fit into this namespace. But, after years of planning and debate, a big change is coming that will alter the way organizations and individuals identify themselves online; they will be able to personalize their web addresses in ways never imagined before. Even more compelling, Web Hosters will have a ripe new opportunity to “cash in” on this new sales conduit.  


The governing body that manages Top Level Domains (TLD) is set to authorize and release over 1,000 new TLDs starting next year. Some examples of these include: .APP, .HOME, .STORE, .BLOG, .BOOK, .MOVIE and .MUSIC. Businesses and consumers will be able to get descriptive, memorable and relevant domain names for their Web Presence to a degree unprecedented in the history of the Internet. If I owned a bookstore in Manhattan, I probably already have .COM or .NET domain just like every other bookstore in the world. Next year I could have a .NYC domain to make search more relevant and a .BOOK domain to clarify that I am a bookstore and a .BARGAINS domain if I sell used books.  


As a Web Hoster, you have a unique opportunity to grow or create your domain business. You will benefit from the increase in registration volume and higher prices that many of the specialized TLDs are expected to achieve. You can tailor offers and packages around specific TLDs that optimize customer acquisition and generate new revenue from existing customers. 


At Parallels we want to make taking advantage of this opportunity as easy as possible by attracting customers now and preparing for the coming change. 

  • Sign-up to resell domains with Parallels’ Domain Name Network .  We waive typical set-up fees and provide you with pre-negotiated volume discounts.
  • Leverage tools and resources, provided through our close partnership with eNom, to start capturing customer interest now. We give you ready-to-go marketing toolkits and access to the ‘TLD Watchlist” application that can be directly integrated into your Website. When new TLD launch phases roll-out, additional tools and resources will become available allowing you to easily convert interest to orders.


This is a huge evolution of the Web and an opportunity not to be missed. Help your customers be successful by being their trusted Web advisor and generate new revenue at the same time… Don’t get left behind!


Parallels Webinar for Web Hosters – Nov 14, 2012


1,000+ New Domains Are Coming…Don’t get left behind  


Learn how to get prepared!


Register Now! for the November 14th Webinar

8:00 AM – 8:30AM, Pacific Standard Time


In 2013, 1,000+ new domains, or TLDs, will begin to roll out.  This is a historic shift and an unprecedented opportunity to grow your business and profits.


Offering this expanded universe of TLDs will be critical for your success – both attracting new customers and retaining the ones you already have.  Parallels and eNom have partnered to provide you with a flexible TLD program and easy-to-use tools to attract new customers and increase sales.  Attend this webinar and learn how you can take advantage of this historic opportunity now.



What Businesses are looking for in Their Website (and Hosting Provider)

According to Frost & Sullivan’s September 2012 report “Australian Infrastructure as a Service Market (IaaS)”, many organizations see beyond the initial cost savings of cloud-based solutions and are attracted by the promised increased agility and scalability that adoption offers.

However despite the benefits of cloud, many IT departments are still reluctant to move with common barriers including perceived loss of control, data sovereignty and security concerns when they move their workload and infrastructure to cloud. This explains why for those with concerns, hosting of non-critical systems is the common testing ground in the search for the right cloud computing strategy.

Cloud hosting services offers full remote access to the virtual machine (VM) in much the same way as the physical server. Some cloud hosting services also allow on the fly configuration of resources, such as RAM and CPU resources, to match variations in the activity of the website or VM. Just to be clear, this may require a couple of minutes of reboot time of the VM for the new configuration to kick in. Businesses that run business-critical systems like online retailing would do well to bear this in mind.

Many companies that have pre-existing systems they want to move into a cloud based hosting environment wish it were possible to convert their hardware-based server into a virtual machine and host this VM out in the cloud. The hope is to be able to keep all essential fancy configurations and permission settings as the VM gets migrated into the cloud. In reality this doesn’t always happen for a number of reasons, security settings being one of them.  

For businesses using a content management system (CMS) for their websites, migration to cloud-based hosting is relatively simple. Hosting providers have ready-made packages of the most common CMSs and it’s just a matter of choosing from one of these. After importing a backup from the current system, including the database, the SMB will have a copy of the website up and running within hours of the migration. After making a final backup of the old database and restoring it to the new CMS, all that needs to be done is to make changes to the DNS so that the domain now points to the new website. The final step is to put a simple redirect on the old website to catch visitors whose DNS records may be cached and still have the old site settings.

It can sound very technical and complicated. In reality, website administrators and web hosters use a control panel to automate a lot of these processes. In web hosting a control panel is a web-based user interface provided by the hosting company that allows users to manage their various hosted services in a single place.

One such control panel is Parallels Plesk Panel which allows a server administrator to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface. The administrator can create client and site templates, which predetermine resource-allocation parameters for the domains and clients.

The recently released Parallels Plesk Panel 11 features 80 improvements that give users more control over their sites. With Parallels Web Presence Builder add-on, Plesk directly addresses SMB needs for social media integration with faster website performance, in dedicated or virtualized environments.

The 2012 Web Server Survey by Netcraft found NGINX to be the third most widely used web server across all domains (11.53% of surveyed sites) and the second most widely used web server for all “active” sites (12.31% of surveyed sites).

With the combination of NGINX and Parallels Plesk Panel 11, users can automatically install and configure an NGINX web proxy in front of a standard Apache web server. This configuration will speed up delivery of clients’ website contents and result in faster and more predictable performance by offloading concurrency and latency processing from Apache to NGINX.

For website owners, whether SMBs and large enterprise, the benefits of fast and predictable performance can translate to higher customer satisfaction and the much sought after stickiness.

Cloud is rapidly becoming the delivery model of choice for many companies. With significant upfront savings and low or zero maintenance costs, the commercial case for any business to adopt cloud is strong. Cloud computing gives every business, particularly SMBs, access to computing resources, including applications and services, previously only available to large enterprises.

With Parallels Plesk control panel the administration of any website has never been easier, more affordable and manageable. At the end of the day, this is what all business owners want of their website. 

Anthony Banek
CEO for


Now Available: Parallels Plesk Automation with Free Unlimited Support


As you consider the next steps in growing your hosting business, Parallels recommends to start centralizing your mail and spam management, and consider offering both Linux and Windows web hosting from the same integrated hosting system.  Our new Parallels Plesk Automation enables you to do all of this from a central management node/administrative control panel with easier updating. Because this server architecture separates your automation and panel from your hosting nodes, Parallels Plesk Automation delivers superior security and uptime.


Parallels understands that fast problem resolution and uptime are both critically important to professional hosters.  So, to prove this, we’re offering free support with Parallels Plesk Automation.  This support offer covers all of your nodes (each of which require Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited Dedicated licenses).  This means Parallels will provide support for your Management Node as well as your Web Hosting and Mail nodes.


But, we also recognize that self-help and the ability to identify and reduce problems before they happen are big factors in maximizing your uptime.  We have tried to streamline Parallels Plesk Automation to make it simple to install, configure, and run.   When you add a new node, you can select one of many pre-configured workloads to install on it.  When you want to attach an existing Parallels Plesk Panel server, we give you the choice between assimilating it – where no website settings are touched – or transferring it, where it moves into the new cluster but can be reverted back out. If you do encounter a problem that requires troubleshooting, you will be able to easily find the tools to help you do so on this dedicated support site here.


Parallels has made a strong commitment to improving the usability of our software, self-help tools, and support experience.  As you contemplate adopting Parallels Plesk Automation, we hope you’ll consider all of our new enhancements and free support offer.  We are trying to provide the best growth path forward in all of our next gen hosting systems, and our commitment to an enhanced support experience is a central part of this value.


Thanks for considering the new Parallels Plesk Automation.  We look forward to growing with you.


All the best,


Craig Bartholomew
Vice President Panel Products, Parallels

When Change is Constant


The business of web hosting can be a rollercoaster ride sometimes. There’s always a new patch, an upgrade, or new technology and products. Things move so quickly that customers are often left bewildered by the rate of change.


There has been a growing demand for web hosting services as a result of customers’ shrinking budgets, growing operational costs and the speed at which market opportunities are developing. When deciding on a hosting service, customers often focus on the speed of service delivery, the ability to localize and local data sovereignty.


Through our use of Parallels AutomationReadySpace has put together different service packages that add value to our clients’ operations and meet their specific needs. Our white label offering allows our clients to leverage our platform to quickly brand and start selling to their customers without heavy infrastructural investment.


We can’t predict what the world will be like five years from now, but we can be certain change will be a constant. In the near future, we believe more and more applications will converge. This will result in more regulation and the need for localization. All these will change the landscape.


But by partnering with Parallels, we are ready for change. By offering a brand of hosting that is as efficient and practical as it is flexible and cutting edge, we believe we can continue to meet the needs of our customers, as we face the changes of the future together.


David Loke

CEO and Co-Founder



Parallels and CloudFlare Deliver the Perfect Upsell: Web Performance and Site Security for SMBs


Parallels is pleased to announce the latest milestone in our alliance with CloudFlare, a global leader in Web performance and security.  CloudFlare for service providers selling Parallels Plesk Panel (versions 11 and 10.4) is now available through the APS catalog. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and comes in two plans: CloudFlare Free and CloudFlare Performance Plus. Parallels is now making it extremely easy for service providers to upsellCloudFlair’s enterprise-grade website performance accelerator with built-in security, perfect forsmall and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are concerned about cloud security, yet also seek competitive advantages like Web acceleration for their sites.


In addition, CloudFlair delivers many operational benefits to Parallels Plesk Panel service providers by reducing server load and bandwidth usage, while protecting their servers from DDoS attacks. On average, a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast for its visitors, experiences 65% fewer requests and can save upwards of 60% of bandwidth.  There’s even an automatic IPv4/6 gateway, which enables site availability for visitors on IPv6 networks, while keeping IPv4 infrastructure intact until you’re ready to migrate. 


Improved website performance and lower operational costs are only part of the CloudFlair story.  SMBs continue to cite security concerns as a major barrier for adopting cloud-based applications and services.  By securing their websites from potential threats, service providers can rest assured their hosting customers are better protected, while their end user site owners concentrate on managing their content and running their businesses.  “The new CloudFlareplugin for Parallels Plesk Panel allows for quick and easy deployment,” said Gerado Altman, National Partner & Reseller Manager at Velocity Host. “We would love to keep CloudFlare as our own secret weapon, but really the more users who are on the network the greater the power CloudFlare has to wield against malicious attacks and help all those who use their services.”

CloudFlare aims to bring premium performance and security services to every website. Today, over 500,000 websites use CloudFlare, ranging from blogs and SMB e-commerce storefronts to governmental agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  Interested Parallels Plesk Panelservice providers can download CloudFlare today via the APS catalog.  Not a Parallels Partner yet?  Sign up here (even at the no obligation Member level), then head down the path to greater profitability with Parallels Plesk Panel and CloudFlare.


Michael Monu

Senior Business Development Manager, Parallels Service Provider Marketing