Voxware Fully Commits to Cloud-Based Enterprise Voice Solution

Voxware today announced the evolution of its Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS) for the enterprise. This latest offering from Voxware enables organizations off all sizes to migrate to a cloud-based voice management system to enhance operational productivity, improve accuracy and better serve its customers without investing in costly IT infrastructure.

Voxware solutions will be on display at ProMat 2013 at booth 3550 from January 21st through 24th.

This past summer, Voxware had announced the industry’s first premier voice picking cloud solution. Organizations like Hollywood Feed and Wagner SprayTech immediately adopted and deployed the solution and shortly thereafter, realized immediate gains and return on investment. Due to a ground swell of interest from customers and prospects at that time, Voxware has elected to extend the solution and fold in its complete VMS into the product. Now, small, mid and large organizations of any size can leverage the solution to handle all of their warehouse and in-store requirements while improving internal operations and brand reputation initiatives.

“In a very short amount of time, we have realized that any organization can benefit from our proven voice management suite that resides in the cloud. We have acted swiftly to evolve our cloud-based voice solution to incorporate all of the applications that our customers require beyond picking,” said Keith Phillips, President and CEO, Voxware. “This evolution demonstrates that we view innovation and enhancement as an ongoing, interdependent process made possible by the expertise of our team of engineers and the invaluable feedback of our customers.”

Cloud Enterprise VMS is a cost-effective, high impact voice option that will deliver the same level of quality as Voxware’s flagship on-premise offering. The ease with which Voxware can deploy and manage Cloud Enterprise VMS will simplify an organization’s installation process and drive better business results while realizing all of the benefits of a cloud-based solution. Those benefits include:

  • No IT overhead: Cloud Enterprise VMS can run without an IT infrastructure, eliminating costs associated with server hardware, maintenance and IT personnel
  • Time-to-value: The delivery time is significantly shorter than the fastest full-fledged voice solution
  • Future-proof: Users receive automatic software updates, as well as hardware refreshes, to ensure they are always leveraging the latest technologies
  • No WMS necessary: Small operations that run without a WMS can now realize the benefits of a voice solution
  • Straightforward SaaS model: This model guarantees that users get what they pay for, without any hidden fees or peripheral maintenance costs

Cloud Enterprise VMS is available immediately. Prospects and customers can request it through their Voxware sales representative or by contacting Voxware at 877-483-7239.