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PCN Introduces UltraEdge VoIP System for Legacy Copper

PCN, the provider of connectivity solutions for legacy copper wiring today announces the introduction and availability of its UltraEdge™ system for rapid cost effective deployment of VoIP and Unified Communication data networks.

With a single Ethernet connection to access the Internet or outside data networks, the UltraEdge™ system requires limited IT knowledge for installation and enables access and transport for IP device connectivity at every edge. Using any grade copper the UltraEdge™ VoIP system easily interfaces to existing junction boxes, legacy PBX consoles, or other wiring infrastructure already in place.

Providing maximum capabilities and feature rich applications, the system is a true IP networked solution leveraging PCN’s high-performance 19” Rack Mount Multi-Channel Server (PCN3485-MCS4) for 10/100 IP transport to every UltraEdge™ module (PCN3485-SCC1) which enables access for VoIP enabled phones or other devices. Unlike media converters, each UltraEdge™ module is a true Ethernet switch where each end point has access for up to three Ethernet RJ45 ports.

Unlike DSL extenders and converter technologies, the PCN UltraEdge™ solution is built on PCN’s patented “Dynamic Adaptive Channeling” data prioritization algorithms which run over 500 times per second in real time scanning, monitoring and managing the physical layer of legacy copper looking for anomalies and moving IP data to its most optimum spot on the wire. This not only provides 3X the noise immunity of DSL, but enables distance stretching. When combined together this not only allows more reliability and robustness of your VoIP system, but provides access to IP at distances up to 1500 feet and far greater than other solutions.

Across the world there is an abundance of legacy copper that is unusable for IP enabled Ethernet systems and where running new structured cabling is either too expensive, or requires significant shut down and disruption to business operations. This is true for government buildings, hospitals, historic buildings, factories, college campuses and office buildings that have Cat-3 or older wiring.

“PCN provides its UltraEdge™ VoIP and Unified Communication systems and services largely to qualified network providers, system integrators, and large enterprise customers. They continue to tell us they need a solution that not only solves the IP integration problem across legacy copper for any wiring topology, but one that also allows them to continue using existing analog and digital solutions until their entire IP migration is complete. The PCN UltraEdge™ system does just that,” stated Jeff Davis, VP of Sales for PCN.

Without having to run any new structured cabling, the UltraEdge™ system allows owners and integrators to instantly leverage and take advantage of legacy wiring as if their facility was just wired with new Cat 5/6 cabling.

The UltraEdge™ VoIP system supports high-speed 10/100Base-T Ethernet-on-Demand™ across any grade copper wiring topology. This includes multi-drop, daisy chain, point to point and others allowing access in the far reaches of a building or installation.

Davis also commented, “Customers love the fact that they can easily install the multi-channel router at their old PBX locations or at other junction wiring; and then simply drop a plug-and-play UltraEdge™ module anywhere to have immediate access to high-bandwidth VoIP networks.”

The UltraEdge™ VoIP system supports third party standard Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switching, QoS and a variety of network security features including port security, multi-level passwords, DoD protections, SSH and SSL for encryption. When combined with PCN’s physical layer technologies the result is a comprehensive VoIP and Unified Communications system that is more reliable, more robust and one that goes further. Inc. Gets VoIP Multi-connection Device Patent Inc. today announced the grant of U.S. Pat. No. 8,243,722 titled “VOIP Analogue Telephone System” This unique invention allows a voice-over-IP user to connect via Ethernet, USB, WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, or other wireless protocols, a VoIP call seamlessly between devices and netTALK switching centers.

The grant of the ’722 patent reflects the efforts carried out by netTALK and its engineering team to bring the “First of its Kind” Multi-connection device to the market. netTALK is the pioneer in creating devices that allow customers to travel anywhere and take their low priced telephone service with them. netTALK was the very first company in the world to have a dual connectivity VoIP device with its TK6000/DUO that allowed the user to use either USB or Ethernet connection.

This was followed by another first with the introduction of the DUO WiFi that allows the user to choose USB, Ethernet or WiFi connectivity for their telephone service. netTALK’s ongoing innovation supports its growth initiatives in many sectors, including its new mobile app for Android and iPhones, mobile cell phone service, video, SMS texting, and other services which enables customers to free themselves from traditional high cost service providers. Other pending US and international patent applications are in review, reinforcing netTALK’s commitment to develop and protect innovative technologies that better serve the needs of netTALK’s customers.

Fonality Enhances Contact Center Features for HUD Mobile

Image representing Fonality as depicted in Cru...Fonality today announced a new release of the Fonality Heads Up Display (HUD) Mobile application delivering extensive contact center features among other enhancements. The application now offers users 100 percent management and visibility of individual queues over tablets and mobile smartphones. In addition, the solution can now be accessed by Fonality’s 200,000+ end-users across its entire cloud-based and hybrid-hosted product line including: Fonality Connect, Fonality PBXtra and Fonality trixboxPro.

HUD Mobile empowers the mobile workforce with cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications and contact center capabilities in a single-view, secure, user-friendly interface via Apple or Android platforms. This announcement represents a first step in an ongoing “innovation series” of rollouts over the coming months to help growing businesses save time, communicate more efficiently and reduce costs.

“Mobility is without question a must-have to drive productivity especially for SMBs and we’ve already seen broad adoption of Fonality HUD Mobile,” said Fonality’s Chief Technology Officer Rick Bushell. “By enhancing contact center features and making the app available our entire solution base, all of our customers can work from anywhere, anytime. We are committed to delivering smart, simple and affordable business phone solutions to small businesses. HUD Mobile and the upcoming feature releases were designed to help our customers communicate more efficiently, giving them the competitive edge they need for growth.”

The exclusive Fonality HUD Mobile technology brings the entirety of the contact center environment on-the-go. All activities in the queue, including current and pending calls, can be accessed complemented by real-time performance metrics for quality control. Managers enjoy a 360-degree view of all communications, including color-coded agent status, call types and duration. In addition, they have the ability to record calls on-the-fly or join through barge, monitor or whisper modes. Agents can also log in and out of queues to maintain high levels of customer service.

“As a global wine distributor we are extremely busy and often work remotely,” said Justin Hammer, vice president of B-21. “Because our industry is so competitive, we have to be in touch with our global network of buyers to ensure that we have the most popular wines available as quickly as possible. Fonality HUD Mobile allows us to stay connected around the world so we can make quick purchasing decisions to add the latest wines to our catalog. This flexibility has improved our productivity and profitability, because we can stock wines faster. In fact, we recently secured a new wine, made it available online and sold out within a single day solely because of the efficiencies enabled by Fonality HUD Mobile. It is a real difference maker!”

Fonality HUD Mobile creates the same experience as its award-winning desktop counterpart. The mobile solution connects phones, desktops and critical business applications with access to presence and collaboration capabilities. “Find me/follow me” provides seamless connectivity between desktop and mobile devices, along with unified messaging and Microsoft Outlook integration. For improved productivity, other features include company directory, visual voicemail, virtual conference room access, as well as photo caller ID, ring-back and on-the-fly call recording. To control costs and preserve cell minutes, Wi-Fi connectivity can also be activated.

SPIRIT DSP Announces 2.0 for White-Label Web Videoconferencing

SPIRIT DSP today announced the next version of its multipoint videoconferencing software for telecom operators, hosted service providers and enterprises, 2.0. VideoMost is an HD quality, massively multipoint web videoconferencing software-only product, enabling service providers and enterprises to deliver a self-branded videoconferencing service from the cloud or with on-premise installation. The product combines state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology with business collaboration tools, such as conference moderation and management, screen and file sharing, broadcasting, ability to connect SIP endpoints (such as legacy Polycom VC hardware) and many more. VideoMost conferences can be accessed using any standard browser, although the product also has desktop and iPad downloadable clients featuring additional functionality.

“The need for new value-added services is the main topic in today’s telecom world. With the decline of traditional voice service usage due to strong over-the-top and cloud offerings from VoIP and other internet companies, telecom and hosted service providers are looking for services that allow them to compete better.” said SPIRIT’s head of telcos relationships Alex Zakharov. “If a service provider wants to roll-out fast WebEx-like, high-margin, enterprise-focused web videoconferencing service, under its own brand and billing, in a secure and controlled way, from its own data center, VideoMost software licensing is the answer.”

New key features and benefits in 2.0 include:

  • Videoconferencing on the go with support for Apple’s iPad (the
    VideoMost client is downloadable in the App Store).
  • Enhanced video quality with TeamSpirit®
    Voice&Video Engine 3.2 inside, supporting connections from 512
    Kbps and providing up to 30 fps (frames per second) and 720p
    HD-quality for each participant.
  • Broadcasting/Recording API, allowing the conference speaker to record
    and broadcast to an unlimited number of viewers/participants.
  • SIP integration to support legacy videoconferencing SIP hardware
    endpoints (i.e., Tandberg and Polycom), including SIP-in/SIP-out calls
    from mobile and fixed phones to/from a conference.
  • Support for LDAP and corporate controls with single authorization and
    corporate contact list support.
  • Additional features: file sharing, recording, integration with emails
    and calendars, text chat.
  • Support for all popular browsers, including the most recent versions
    of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
  • Debian 6, CentOS 5 and 6, RHEL 5 and 6 and Ubuntu support for the
    VideoMost server.

VideoMost is powered by SPIRIT’s TeamSpirit Conferencing Platform, delivering HD-quality scalable audio and scalable H.264SVC video of up to an unprecedented 1,000 concurrent video channels on a single standard $4000 PC server. VideoMost is uniquely universal, requiring no special hardware equipment to participate (just Internet access, a webcam, a mic and speakers or a headset) and no registration, allowing participants anywhere to start conferencing instantly.

Zakharov continued, “The corporate acceptance of mass-market desktop and mobile videoconferencing is phenomenal. This is partially the inevitable consequence of Moore’s Law, decreased bandwidth costs, the BYOD office trend and evident cost/time saving benefits, along with a large penetration of consumer video calling. What we offer is a sophisticated technology that accumulates more than 10 years of our expertise in scalable, HD and error-resilient VVoIP that ensures truly high audio/video quality, even in best-effort networks that have no QoS. Whether it’s a quad core machine, or iPad, users always get the best quality, with no need for the infrastructure to support heavy and costly servers for media transcoding.”



ShoreTel Introduces Collaboration Solution

ShoreTel, a provider of premise and cloud-based business phone system and unified communications (UC), today announced the availability of collaboration applications to meet the demands of large enterprise customers deploying ShoreTel solutions around the world.

ShoreTel 12.3 supports 10,000 concurrent instant messaging clients, 1,000 audio conferencing ports and 500 Web conferencing ports. ShoreTel’s Linux based Service Appliance 400 enables tightly integrated collaboration services that are administrated by IT in ShoreTel Director and managed by the end user in ShoreTel Communicator.

ShoreTel is increasingly being selected by large global enterprises in more than 48 countries, which need to collaborate internally and externally on a massive scale – between departments or with customers, in any location.

“The SA-400 from a feature standpoint is simply amazing. Beyond the added capacity that comes with the new hardware the new feature set is so rich that it enables users to work in ways that were not possible before,” said Bakari Taylor, Systems Administrator at Current TV. “When we first received the new conference bridge we thought it was a standard upgrade, but to our surprise it was so much more. To put it simply the SA-400 is a game changer.”

Faster and more casual than email, IM is the new dial tone. And collaboration helps coworkers easily share ideas – avoiding lengthy games of phone and email tag, which create latency in productivity. With the new levels of concurrent client capabilities, employees can chat one-on-one or in groups. When instant messaging is not enough, users can easily turn an instant message into a video-enabled phone call at the touch of a button, and easily share their desktop with a single click.

ShoreTel Collaboration integrates with enterprise applications such as Microsoft Outlook, where appointments automatically configure voice and Web collaboration resources for both internal and external participants.

“We’re pleased to be selected by large enterprises that wish to provide applications for their employees, but without the cost of complexity of traditional premise or hosted services. By offering a single scalable platform that serves both midsize and large enterprises, we’re able to concentrate all efforts on making solutions brilliantly simple for users and administrators,” said Kevin Gavin, chief marketing officer at ShoreTel. “Like most UC vendors, we include collaboration tools with our UC platform. But it’s not an add-on or after thought; it’s functionally integrated into our system and end-users applications, with no more IT burden for deploying collaboration at the lowest cost for the organization.”