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Twisted Pair Adds Private Call Capability to its WAVE Mobile Communicator

Twisted Pair Solutions today announced that it has added point-to-point Private Call capability to its WAVE Mobile Communicator application for smartphones and tablets.

With Private Call mode selected, users can use a secure, one-to-one PTT capability with any other member of a WAVE communications system. Once the Private Call is complete, either user simply hangs up and the device returns to its pre-call state.

Twisted Pair’s announcement comes as many organizations seek a secure, reliable replacement for Sprint’s iDEN push-to-talk (PTT) network which was decommissioned at the end of June.

“The enterprise customer wants seamless communication, from radio systems to telephony systems to PTT systems to workforce apps,” said Tom Guthrie, Twisted Pair president and CEO. “WAVE is the only platform- and device-independent PTT solution proven to deliver secure, high-quality communications for the enterprise.”

The WAVE Mobile Communicator turns your smartphone or tablet into an instant communication PTT device. When equipped with the WAVE Mobile Communicator, a smartphone acts like a multichannel radio handset that sends and receives secure audio. WAVE servers residing in an enterprise data center, in a cloud environment or, if needed, on an individual PC, manage audio processing, management and distribution. The Private Call capability further differentiates WAVE as an over-the-top PTT solution that combines the richness of enterprise communications with workforce communications while offering increased flexibility over proprietary solutions.

Customers may deploy WAVE as an on-premise enterprise solution or as a cloud service. Twisted Pair offers its own cloud service, called WAVE Connections, which subscribers can access over any carrier or WiFi data network.