Parallels and CloudFlare Deliver the Perfect Upsell: Web Performance and Site Security for SMBs


Parallels is pleased to announce the latest milestone in our alliance with CloudFlare, a global leader in Web performance and security.  CloudFlare for service providers selling Parallels Plesk Panel (versions 11 and 10.4) is now available through the APS catalog. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and comes in two plans: CloudFlare Free and CloudFlare Performance Plus. Parallels is now making it extremely easy for service providers to upsellCloudFlair’s enterprise-grade website performance accelerator with built-in security, perfect forsmall and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who are concerned about cloud security, yet also seek competitive advantages like Web acceleration for their sites.


In addition, CloudFlair delivers many operational benefits to Parallels Plesk Panel service providers by reducing server load and bandwidth usage, while protecting their servers from DDoS attacks. On average, a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast for its visitors, experiences 65% fewer requests and can save upwards of 60% of bandwidth.  There’s even an automatic IPv4/6 gateway, which enables site availability for visitors on IPv6 networks, while keeping IPv4 infrastructure intact until you’re ready to migrate. 


Improved website performance and lower operational costs are only part of the CloudFlair story.  SMBs continue to cite security concerns as a major barrier for adopting cloud-based applications and services.  By securing their websites from potential threats, service providers can rest assured their hosting customers are better protected, while their end user site owners concentrate on managing their content and running their businesses.  “The new CloudFlareplugin for Parallels Plesk Panel allows for quick and easy deployment,” said Gerado Altman, National Partner & Reseller Manager at Velocity Host. “We would love to keep CloudFlare as our own secret weapon, but really the more users who are on the network the greater the power CloudFlare has to wield against malicious attacks and help all those who use their services.”

CloudFlare aims to bring premium performance and security services to every website. Today, over 500,000 websites use CloudFlare, ranging from blogs and SMB e-commerce storefronts to governmental agencies and Fortune 500 companies.  Interested Parallels Plesk Panelservice providers can download CloudFlare today via the APS catalog.  Not a Parallels Partner yet?  Sign up here (even at the no obligation Member level), then head down the path to greater profitability with Parallels Plesk Panel and CloudFlare.


Michael Monu

Senior Business Development Manager, Parallels Service Provider Marketing