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Happy Birthday to Visual Studio 2017

Happy 20th Birthday, Visual Studio! As Microsoft Visual Studio celebrates their 20th year – developers are rejoicing as Visual Studio 2017 is released! Over the past two decades Visual Studio has grown from a J++ and InterDev development environment to a powerhouse suite of productivity. The new release of Visual Studio 2017 brings Visual Basic, Visual […]

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Google Cloud adds Microsoft support as Windows Server 2003 reaches EOL

Google made Windows Server support generally available this week

Google made Windows Server support generally available this week

Making good on commitments the cloud provider made in December last year Google has announced general availability of Windows Server on the Google Cloud Platform. The move comes the same week Windows Server 2003 reached its end of life.

“Making sure Google Cloud Platform is the best place to run your workloads is our top priority, so we’re happy that today Windows Server on Google Compute Engine graduates to General Availability, joining the growing list OSes we support. We’re also introducing several enhancements for Windows Server users,” the company said in a statement on its cloud blog.

“With its graduation to General Availability, Windows Server instances are now covered by the Compute Engine SLA. Windows Server users can now easily deploy a server running Active Directory or ASP.NET using the Cloud Launcher, and can securely extend their existing infrastructure into Google Cloud Platform using VPN.”

Google also said customers the purchase GCP support packages can get architectural and operational support for their Windows Server deployments on its cloud platform. And with Microsoft ceasing support for Windows Server 2003 Google is looking to lure in Microsoft developers by committing to support migration to more current Microsoft Server releases (2008, 2012).

In December last year the company announced it would begin offering Microsoft license mobility for the Google Cloud Platform, enabling existing Microsoft server application users to bring their own licenses and apps – SQL Server, SharePoint, Exchange – from on-premise to the cloud, without incurring any additional fees.

As before the move to expand support for the Microsoft ecosystem is likely to come as welcome news to the .NET crowd, which is fairly sizeable. Microsoft commands a 32.8 per cent share of all public web server infrastructure according to W3Techs.

Data-as-a-service specialist Delphix scores $75m in latest round

Delphix secured $75m in its latest funding round this week

Delphix secured $75m in its latest funding round this week

Data-as-a-service specialist Delphix announced this week that the company has concluded a $75m funding round that will be used by the company to bolster its cloud and security capabilities.

The funding round, led by Fidelity Management and Research Company, brings the total amount secured by the company to just over $119m since its 2008 founding.

Delphix offers what is increasingly referred to as data-as-a-service, though a more accurate way of describing it does is offer data compression and replication-as-a-service, or the ability to virtualise, secure, optimise and move large databases – whether from an application like an ERP or a data warehouse – from on-premise to the cloud and back again.

It offers broad support for most database technologies including Oracle, Oracle RAC, Oracle Exadata, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP ASE, PostgreSQL, and a range of other SQL and NewSQL technologies.

The company said the additional funding will be used to expand its marketing activities and “aggressively invest” in cloud, analytics and data security technologies in a bid to expand its service capabilities.

“Applications have become a highly contested battleground for businesses across all industries,” said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix founder and chief executive.

“Data as a Service helps our customers complete application releases and cloud migrations in half the time, by making data fast, light, and unbreakable—a huge competitive advantage,” he said.

BizTalk Hosting Sever Provides Interesting Business Solutions

Advancement of IT technology brings many development options for the developers. And thus allows a wide range of software development services for IT companies which proves to be a perfect platform for the development purpose which also provides great result for the developers. For this purpose, it is one of the ideal solutions for the developer, but before we discuss this, we’d like to give you a brief introduction on BizTalk.

What is BizTalk?

In simple terms, it is a highly effective development platform. It is a hosting server used to help to manage various techniques managing on different systems return smooth interaction. Its multi-platform plugs are personalized to link with techniques or programs in business. It is generally known for its program incorporation features as it’s very simple but very useful. It able to provides complete solution for developing programs and techniques as well as assisting linked techniques.

What is great about BizTalk?

One good thing about this sever, that it comes up with something new with every new versions. And that is what Microsoft done with their recent update of BizTalk 2013. With every new version it scales up and out and is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding enterprises, but it work well equally well with both large and medium-sized organizations.

How any organization takes the advantages of BizTalk?

This software helps many companies to integrate and develop business processes, applications and services across the enterprise. It is possible to prepare workflow application applications to automate business processes across the enterprise, and to exchange information with line of different business systems.

BizTalk, with SQL and Visual Studio, provides any organization proper foundation of a powerful, flexible and easily accessible universal messaging center that allows data management and transfer from unequal systems and databases under well-defined rules. It also has several free adaptors that allow for direct data links with the most of the popular database. However, it is currently available with ERP, EDI and some finance systems.

What this software can do for your organization?

That is very important question, but expert developers frequently work with a variety of developing options by using transformation maps, Implementing Maps and any many other options for organization. Today big IT development companies run on varied different platforms that enable employees of one company to communicate with each another very easily. Thus with help of professional developers the performance of entire enterprise increased significantly.

This server delivered fascinating solutions to customers. Professional software developers clearly understand the value of interaction between various levels in the same organization. And that is why perhaps the demand for Biztalk development companies has increased significantly and with the latest version It allows more option for the developers, so chances are bright that it is becomes even more popular in nearest future.


BizTalk is one of the newer software for the developer Biztalk is highly effective development platform. It is Microsoft developed hosting server used to help to manage various techniques managing on different systems return smooth interaction. Its multi-platform plugs are personalized to link with techniques or programs in business. To know more about BizTalk Development, please visit Tatvasoft

OK, Google, What Do I Need To Know About I/O Cloud Announcements?

With all the focus on Google Glass, new Maps features and Star Trek-ish conversations coming to Google Search everywhere (“OK Google…”) let’s not forget Google’s cloud computing moves:

Google Compute Engine – now available for everyone

New Compute Engine features:

  • Sub-hour billing charges for instances in one-minute increments with a ten-minute minimum, so you don’t pay for compute minutes that you don’t use
  • Shared-core instances provide smaller instance shapes for low-intensity workloads
  • Advanced Routing features help you create gateways and VPN servers, and enable you to build applications that span your local network and Google’s cloud
  • Large persistent disks support up to 10 terabytes per volume, which translates to 10X the industry standard

ISO 27001:2005 international security certification for Compute Engine, Google App Engine, and Google Cloud Storage.

Google App Engine adds PHP runtime

Google Cloud Datastore (AKA NoSQL)

Google Cloud Datastore is a fully managed and schemaless solution for storing non-relational data. Based on the popular App Engine High Replication Datastore, Cloud Datastore is a standalone service that features automatic scalability and high availability while still providing powerful capabilities such as ACID transactions, SQL-like queries, indexes and more.

You can catch today’s live streams for two Google Cloud talks, or watch recordings of yesterdays, here.

This time next  year we’ll probably just open up the Google home page, tap the mike, and ask, “OK, Google, what do I need to know about Google Cloud?”

FairComs Newest c-treeACE Bridges SQL, NoSQL Worlds

FairCom today announced the tenth major edition of its cross-platform database technology, c-treeACE® V10, that introduces the industry’s first Relational Multi-Record Type support for seamless integration between relational and non-relational database worlds.

c-treeACE V10 also delivers features such as new Java interfaces, performance and scalability enhancements, additional platform support, and new replication models. With this latest version come significant performance gains including 30 percent faster transaction throughput, 60 percent faster SQL performance, 200 percent better replication throughput, and 26 percent faster read performance.

“The database market is growing substantially, yet there are many problems plaguing developers today: large data volumes; requirements to reduce data access time; data access requirements from a myriad of new locations, like mobile devices and the cloud; trickier integration; and decreasing budgets,” said Randal Hoff, FairCom’s VP of Engineering. “Engineers tell us they really need technology that enables them to work seamlessly within both the relational and non-relational worlds. In the past, they’ve felt forced to choose one or the other, when, in fact, they realize concrete benefits from both. Our newest c-treeACE gives them the flexibility to enjoy the best of both worlds: high performance data throughput levels that a NoSQL database can provide; and concurrent relational access for ease of data sharing with other parts of the enterprise, including cloud and mobile devices, all at a reasonable price point.”

For more than 30 years, FairCom has provided a unique model to enterprise database developers and ISVs not available from off-the-shelf databases. Its c-treeACE offers the highest levels of tailored configuration and control while simultaneously supporting a variety of non-relational API’s (e.g., ISAM, .NET, and JTDB) along with industry-standard relational API’s (e.g., SQL, JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Python, etc.) within the same application, over the same data. Enterprises such as Federal Express, Microsoft, NASA and Visa have used FairCom technology in mission-critical solutions.

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