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Spike in cloud account compromises and email forwarding rule abuse detected

Cybersecurity firm Red Canary has unveiled its sixth annual Threat Detection Report, examining the trends, threats, and adversary techniques that organisations ought to prioritise in the coming months and years. The report tracks MITRE ATT&CK techniques that adversaries abuse most frequently throughout the year, and two new and notable entries soared to the top 10… Read more »

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How to reach Parallels Support

Parallels Support team guest author: Dineshraj Yuvaraj If you’re new to Parallels, you might be interested to know that we offer 24/7 support. This blog will show you the available options. Depending on the product you are using, Parallels offers a variety of options to reach support, including Twitter, Facebook, Forum, phone, email, and chat. […]

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AWS launches Workmail with eye on Exchange defectors

Amazon Work MailAmazon Web Services (AWS) has put its Workmail email and calendaring service on general release. Priced at $4 a month it includes an Exchange migration tool to encourage defections by Microsoft customers. However, those with data sovereignty issues should be aware that the services are mostly being hosted in the US, with a solitary non US data centre in Eire.

After a year in preview, the service was announced on the blog of AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr. The service, designed to work with existing desktops and mobile clients, has been strengthened since it emerged in preview form, with the new service offering greater security, ease of use and migration, Barr said. The system has an emphasis on mobility features, with location control and policies and actions for controlling mobile devices, along with regular security features such as encryption of stored data, message scanning for spam and virus protection.

The migration tool will make it easier for users to move away from Microsoft Exchange, according to Barr, which suggests that dissatisfied Exchange users could be the primary target market.

The $4 per user per month service comes with an allocation of 50GB of storage and will be run from AWS’ US data centres in Northern Virginia and Oregon (in the US), with a single data centre in Eire to service European customers. “You can choose the region where you want to store your mailboxes and be confident that the stored data will not leave the region,” wrote Barr.

Other features include a Key Management Service (KMS) for creating and managing the keys that are used to encrypt data at rest and Self Certifications, so that WorkMail users can show they have achieved various ISO certifications.

WorkMail will support clients running on OS X, including Apple Mail and Outlook. It will also support clients using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol including iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10. AWS is also working on interoperability support to give users a single Global Address Book and to access calendar information across both environments. A 30-day free trial is available for up to 25 users.

89 Degrees Launches ECHO Email Optimization Plan

89 Degrees, a customer engagement agency that leverages data and analytically driven strategy for maximum ROI, has launched a new service, ECHO, an email capabilities & health optimization plan that maximizes email investments for increased impact and ROI.

“Industry surveys show that the amount of email sent by retailers in 2012 jumped by at least 19 percent, and with good reason,” said Arthur Sweetser, CMO of 89 Degrees and recent speaker at the Email Evolution Conference. “Email is evolving and remains highly profitable; the evidence keeps mounting and businesses know it is a smart bet for their budgets.”

89 Degrees also hears from many marketers that are convinced of emails’ value, but still don’t know if they are making the most of their investment. Or they may not be achieving the growth numbers on which they were counting.

“When businesses are allocating a sizable portion of their marketing budget to email marketing, they want to be sure they are spending smart,” continued Sweetser. “That’s why we introduced ECHO – to help marketers reach and exceed their goals, increasing their success with each following campaign.”

Controlando el spam, el primer paso lo tienen que dar los proveedores del servicio de correo.

El spam, ¿un problema con solución?El principal origen del spam es la falta de rigidez de los proveedores de servicios de correo para controlar la autentificación en los envíos y de las exigencias de los mismos clientes para no perder los correos que les envían, implementar una solución sencilla y barata de antispam es una acción que debe ser compartida entre los usuarios, aceptando las reglas de juego, y los proveedores de hosting, cumpliendo las normas básicas establecidas de como configurar un servidor de correo.

El problema aparece cuando los clientes exigen el no tener spam en sus cuentas, pero no aceptan que no recibirán correos dirigidos a su empresa desde servidores mal configurados. Continue reading Controlando el spam, el primer paso lo tienen que dar los proveedores del servicio de correo.

El anti-spam en hosting compartido, nunca llueve al gusto de todos…

Muchos usuarios saben que el spam ya ha llegado a ser más de un 95% de todo el tráfico de correo existente en Internet, el último ejercicio se cerró con una media de 12.500 correos de spam recibidos al mes por cada usuario, pero no asumen que por muy buenas políticas que tengan configuradas en los filtros y a pesar de las reglas de anti-spam que tengan configuradas en sus servidores, los que se dedican a enviar spam son unos auténticos profesionales y mejoran día a día, el contenido, la personalización y la configuración del origen de sus envíos, para conseguir traspasar los sistemas, las reglas y los filtros configurados para proteger a los usuarios, utilizan técnicas cada vez más sofisticadas para evadirlos, incluyendo el uso grandes redes de “boots” o “zoombies” para enviarlos desde miles de puntos simultaneamente.

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Mi IP está en spamhaus !!!

www.spamhaus.orgEse es el mensaje de error que aterroriza a los usuarios, de repente no se pueden enviar correos y todo en la empresa se paraliza, nadie sabe que hacer, llamas al soporte de hosting y te dice que es tu proveedor de internet, llamas a tu proveedor de internet y despues de 20 minutos de preguntas, te dicen que el culpables es tu proveedor de hosting y hay empieza el mal humor, pero ¿quien tiene la culpa realmente? Continue reading Mi IP está en spamhaus !!!