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IBM acquires Salesforce consulting partner

IBMIBM has announced plans to acquire Salesforce specialist consulting business Bluewolf, which will bolster the Global Business Services Interactive Experience (iX) department.

IBM iX, marketed as a next-generation hybrid consultancy and digital agency, has been bolstering its ranks in recent months, as the Bluewolf deal is set to be the fourth since the turn of the year. In January the business bought US ad agency Resource/Ammirati, February saw the purchase of Berlin-based digital agency Aperto and earlier this month the acquisition of, another digital marketing agency, was announced. While previous deals have taken IBM iX down the route of digital marketing and advertising, the Bluewolf deal takes the department back down more traditional IBM routes.

While it has not been announced when the deal will be completed, IBM hopes the deal will provide an edge in the market for medium-sized businesses and enterprise scale organizations. Bluewolf, which specializes in helping companies integrate Salesforce’s CRM services into their IT systems, is believed to be one of Salesforce’s oldest consulting partners, claiming to have delivered more than 9,500 successful worldwide.

“I’m so proud of Eric (Eric Berridge, Bluewolf CEO), who built Bluewolf from a start-up into a leader in Salesforce services,” said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, Salesforce. “The powerful combination of our strategic partners, IBM and Bluewolf, will help clients transform and demonstrate the growing client demand for our Customer Success Platform.”

IBM said the acquisition of Bluewolf would give the Global Business Services division deeper consulting capabilities, as it continues efforts to differentiate the brand in a crowded market place. “There is no question that the consumer-grade experience has emerged as a fundamental element in modern business strategy,” said Bridget van Kralingen, SVP at IBM Global Business Services. “Meeting that expectation defines next-generation differentiation and competitive position, and with Bluewolf, we add expertise to scale that capability to the cloud-based capabilities of Salesforce.”

The series of acquisitions seemingly build on the trends more demanding customers and evolving consumer expectations on the digital landscape. An IBM survey stated 81% of C-suite leaders anticipate more digital and virtual engagement by 2020 and 66% anticipate a stronger focus on customers as individuals. It would appear IBM is attempting to get a jump-start on competitors through strategic acquisition, as opposed to organic growth and transformation.

GreenPages is Helping Dead River Become a Transformational Services Provider

David Widener is the Director of IT & Project Management at Dead River Company and is one of the most cutting edge people we work with. Dead River Company is New England’s largest energy marketer which means they provide wholesale commercial and residential energy services in the form of oil, propane, and, in some cases, natural gas. David is the senior most leader for both IT and Project Management with 20 years of IT experience.

From an IT perspective, Dead River is just rounding that curve from being infrastructure blockers and tacklers to becoming the transformational services provider they know they need to be. David understands that even as a traditional energy marketer, he needs to change the way he does business in order to gain a competitive advantage including integrating new tools, new services, and new processes. This directly falls in line with GreenPages’ launch of our Transformation Services Group.

Watch the video to hear David discuss the projects he has worked on with GreenPages, including Managed Services, Cloud Services, and Project Management initiatives, his experiences in doing so, and his recommendations to his peers that want to transform their IT departments in a similar fashion!

Watch the video on GreenPages’ YouTube Channel



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Total Communicator Solutions Launches Mobile Marketing Communication Platform

Total Communicator Solutions has launched its Mobile Marketing Communication Platform, a cloud-based platform which enables a company to communicate with their clients who download the company’s mobile app via a simple web based dashboard interface.  The solution includes a mobile app that can be dynamically changed and controlled by the CRM system.

“We have created a business solution by combining cutting edge mobile technologies such as an Augmented Reality (AR) solution with a powerful cloud based CRM system. With this we have developed a simple to use Mobile Marketing Communication Platform,” explained TCS Founder and CEO Erik Bjontegard .  “The CRM system serves as the central nervous system. The app can be used to gather information such as activity, location and more – the system then can deliver content that is relevant to the app user’s context and behavior. We have gone from context awareness to what I like to call contextual intelligence.”

The platform is targeted for use by a company’s marketing department. It enables automatic delivery of messages, content and offers based on a variety of parameters. These include location, activity and past behavior within the app. The solution can also reward those that use the app to share with others through their social networks.

The first company to use the application is the cutting edge restaurant group Enlightened Hospitality Group of San Diego. They are active users of social and digital marketing and have their own in house digital ad agency. Partner and CEO, James Brennan states, “When we first saw the TCS solution, we knew we wanted this, and wanted to be the first to use it.  This fits perfectly in our marketing plans where we promote our restaurant group as well as our celebrity Chef, Brian Malarkey .”