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Three Reasons to Use Cloud Anti-Spam

Guest Post by Emmanuel Carabott,  Security Research Manager at GFI Software Ltd.

GFI Software helps network administrators with network security, content security and messaging needs

Budgets are stretched thin, you already work too many hours, and you’re always trying to find a server that can run the latest requested workload.

For companies with the flexibility to take advantage of cloud-based technologies, there’s a quick and simple way to win back some time, save some money, and free up some resources on your email servers and reallocate the ones that are running your current anti-spam solution – cloud anti-spam. Here’s how:


Cloud anti-spam solutions require no up-front costs, no hardware, operating system, or software investments, and operate on a simple per-user subscription model. They are a great solution for companies looking to implement anti-spam technologies without a major investment. They keep your costs low, predictable, and easy to allocate. The subscription model means you even have the option to take what has always been considered a capital expense and turn it into an operational expense, which may make your CFO as happy as your CIO would be about the budget you save.


Cloud anti-spam solutions will give you back hours in your week taking care of the infrastructure, but that’s not all. The best cloud anti-spam solutions offer you a user self-service model, where each user can get a daily summary of messages that were filtered out, and can click a link in that summary to release a false positive, or log onto a web portal at any time to check for missing or delayed messages themselves. They get instant gratification and your help desk works fewer tickets related to spam. Everyone wins, except, of course, the spammers.


Spam, malware, and phishing messages don’t just cost time and money, they can consume significant server resources. Anti-spam solutions running on your email server take a lot of CPU cycles to run filter lists and scan for malware, RAM to expand all those attachments before they can be scanned, and disk space to quarantine what inevitably will be deleted. Moving that entire load to the cloud anti-spam solution frees up resources on your servers, can free up space in your racks, and will save you tons of bandwidth you can put to better use since spam is stopped before it ever reaches your border.

Companies that for legal and compliance reasons, or that prefer to maintain complete control of all aspects of the email system may not find cloud anti-spam solutions are the best fit, but for companies with the flexibility to do so, they are the right choice for IT teams looking to save money, time and resources, and who also want to provide their end users with a great email experience. You’re already stretched thin; give yourself, your team, and your budget a break by choosing a cloud anti-spam solution today.