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Only one third of UK public sector comfortable with cloud – survey

Survey research reveals UK public sector workers still aren't sold on cloud

Survey research reveals UK public sector workers still aren’t sold on cloud

Only 35 per cent of public sector staff are comfortable using cloud-based services according to a survey report published this week.

The survey, commissioned by enterprise collaboration cloud service provider Huddle and carried out by Dods Research, petitioned more than 5,000 UK public sector workers on their views towards cloud services and collaboration.

According to the results just a third of public sector staff seem comfortable using cloud services, while slightly more say they have never used cloud services before.

The results come at a time when the UK government is looking to cut billions of pounds by cutting programmes and improving operational efficiency through the use of cloud services, a key pillar in its ‘cloud-first’ strategy originally revealed in 2013.

“The public sector frontline is stuck between a rock and a hard place,” said Alastair Mitchell, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Huddle.

“On the one hand, staff are being asked to remove £13bn of spend, but on the other, the new cloud-based IT infrastructures that are key to a large proportion of these savings are not yet sufficiently understood or trusted enough to be widely deployed. UK government has to up the rhetoric on cloud benefits and training, else the cuts are simply not possible,” he said.

“It’s really very simple. If public sector employees — and in particular those in IT roles — are not convinced of the benefits of cloud computing and the changes to working practices that can be delivered through it, then the £13bn public sector savings are not realistic.”

The UK government spent over £4.3bn on IT services last year, though the government has frequently said cloud services must play a leading role in reducing IT spending across the UK public sector.