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How to run Linux on Mac without rebooting

We’ve outlined how to run Linux on Mac® and how easy it is to get started! Linux is an incredibly versatile operating system that has been designed to run on a wide range of devices—from mobile devices, to desktop computers, and even servers. Due to the open-source nature that ensures code has active community support, […]

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7 Things Every Web Developer Needs to Know

Think you know everything you need to about web development? Considering just how much true web development encompasses, it can be hard to know everything from cover-to-cover. Still, there are certain things every web developer should know. We asked members of our own web team at Parallels what they thought those nebulous things were, and […]

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Success in the tech world: different approaches

The tech industry is exciting, dynamic and competitive, and forging a good career in tech is the goal of almost all computing and engineering graduates. Success in the tech world is a real challenge, but with some good advice and planning, it is possible to make an impact.

There are various approaches that can be adopted to succeed in the tech world. However, what is most important is that IT professionals and engineers specialize early on to become experts in their chosen field.

Be flexible

The most important factor in the tech world is flexibility. Technology is constantly advancing, and everything that a student learns in their first year or two of college will probably be considered out of date by the time they graduate. An education, whether it is engineering or computer science, should always be considered a foundation to a career; it will rarely teach the specific skills that are needed in an individual’s first job.

Individuals who want to succeed need to be willing to change their tactics and strategies according to the ever-changing industry. For example, the latest development is the growing reliance on cloud-based business support systems.

Adopt the cloud approach

There is a growing trend in businesses moving their operations to the cloud. The cloud provides businesses with many advantages such as data storage and disaster recovery. More recently, cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have been developed that seamlessly connect each business area and gather data to produce real-time management reports.

ERP was developed to help manufacturing businesses make production more efficient by analyzing the passage of resources from supply of raw materials through to the end product. It was used to highlight bottlenecks in production and identify where human resources were working sub-optimally.

ERP systems help all businesses, including technology businesses, to optimize workflows and become more efficient and more competitive. Today, ERP manages purchasing, sales, client services, finance and accounts, human resources, marketing and production.

By developing a system that can analyze the entire process, it is possible for managers to better identify problems before they cause a financial loss and to spot changes in customer demand. When implemented well, this can make a company very competitive.


This may appear to be in contrast to the advice to be flexible, but in the tech industry specialization is vital for anybody, or any business, that wants to do well. To be noticed in the crowd it is important to be able to offer something that is unique.

A good case study of how specializing helps a tech company develop trust and respect in the tech market can be seen in  Transducer Techniques. They construct load cells that are used in engineering to accurately measure weight and force. Precision engineering companies are able to out-compete much larger companies that are focusing on the mass consumer market.

To succeed in the tech world both individuals and businesses need to ensure that their skills are developed on a solid foundation and that they specialize in a niche area that is in high demand. Being flexible is important early on in the career path because new technologies can provide exciting opportunities; however, ultimately, specialism is the key to success.

DeviceAnywheres Automated Mobile Testing Platform Being Shown at StarWest Conference 2012

Keynote® Systems today announced that Bryan Segale, Director of Solutions for Keynotes’ DeviceAnywhere platform, will conduct a technical presentation at Software Testing Analysis & Review West (StarWest) titled “Learn About Testing on Real Devices With All the Ease of Browser-based Testing,” on Thursday, October 4 at 1:30 p.m. at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, Calif.

Segale will highlight the advantages of using automated testing tools for mobile devices, drawing from first-hand experience working with all types of enterprises in the mobile space, helping them to design and implement manual and automated testing strategies to facilitate higher-quality applications to market faster. His technical presentation will focus on the benefits of using browser-based testing with actual, live devices. “Learn About Testing on Real Devices With All the Ease of Browser-based Testing” will examine what it means to be able to remotely test devices using industry-leading tools, including how to:

  • Easily create scripts that operate across multiple mobile device
    models and OSs
  • Efficiently automate tests, leveraging the latest in HTML5
  • Improve ROI for your mobile initiatives

WHAT: Technical Presentation: “Learn About Testing on Real Devices With All the Ease of Browser-based Testing”

WHEN: Thursday, October 4, 2012 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. PDT

WHERE: Disneyland Hotel – Booth 3

For more information about the StarWest event, visit: If you are unable to attend the event and wish to view what we are showcasing, you can join us via StarWest Virtual Conference on October 3-4. To attend the event right from your desktop, register here: