Teradata Adds Elasticity to the Cloud

Elasticity is among the benefits cited by Teradata’s Dublin office in announcing its Active Data Warehouses (ADW) for offsite, virtualized, pay-per-use, private cloud services. By private, the company means that its customers’ data remains discrete even as it sits on Teradata’s hardware.
Teradata cites a Gartner report that alleges that only about 25 percent of the available processing power of virtualized servers is being used “by many companies that adopt virtualization.” In contrast, Teradata says it has been providing 90- to 100-percent utilization “for years.”
Teradata urges companies to consolidate their data warehouse servers onto an ADW private cloud, and reap benefits in the areas of both capital expense and operating expense in the process. Scott Gnau, President of Teradata Labs, says, “by eliminating data marts, many with only 10-20 percent utilization, companies can consolidate onto a Teradata ADW Private Cloud running at 90 to 100 percent utilization.”
The company delivers what it calls Elastic Performance on Demand through its ADW program, to “provide instant and elastic resources behind the scenes so businesses can scale up or down as business conditions fluctuate,” according to Gnau.
Teradata is headquartered in Dayton, OH, with numerous offices throughout Europe and offices in Pakistan as well.

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