Telx Launches Interactive Marketplace

Telx on Monday launched the Telx Connect Marketplace, a unique service that facilitates commerce between Telx clients and helps foster the development of new business relationships across a variety of industry sectors. This online marketplace makes connecting buyer and seller easier. Clients can now develop new partnership opportunities as well as explore Telx’s vast ecosystem of global network and cloud providers as well as other financial services, media, and enterprise companies.

The Marketplace utilizes an innovative social networking interface allowing participants to build searchable profiles to market services or discover products and request quotes from potential business partners as well as content or cloud providers. Marketplace creates an easy to use, interactive virtual market that speeds up the connection between various parties. With matchmaking alerts, clients can see who is researching their products and initiate outreach based on that information. In addition, advanced search filters provide a quick and easy way for marketplace participants to discover services based on similar communities and geographic location.

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