Tech News Recap for the Week of 10/09/17

If you had a busy week and need to catch up, here’s a tech news recap of articles you may have missed for the week of 10/09/2017!

Achieving hyper-flexibility by migrating your network to AWS & Azure. Networking trends of 2017. Building a modern help desk. How Azure Stack helps deliver intelligent cloud and edge computing. and more top news this week you may have missed! Remember, to stay up-to-date on the latest tech news throughout the week, follow @GreenPagesIT on Twitter.

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  • How Azure Stack helps Microsoft deliver the promise of intelligent cloud and edge
  • What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.17
  • Microsoft is banking on social platforms for VR adoption
  • Microsoft: We’ll have two-thirds of Office users in the cloud by fiscal 2019
  • Microsoft just ended support for Office 2007 and Outlook 2007
  • What is Windows 10 Fall Creators update? Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s big upgrade


  • GE solidifies commitment to AWS for IT apps


  • Dell launches $1B IoT division to mold a world of smarter cities


  • 10 ways FlexApp has raised the bar for layering


  • VMware Fusion 10 updates Mac virtualization app, adds High Sierra support and Pro features


  • How using Citrix XenApp in the cloud helped Nudie Jeans extend access to application across continents



By Jake Cryan, Digital Marketing Specialist

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