Rackspace and Microsoft Azure

Despite rumors of an impending acquisition, Rackspace has recently announced expansion of its Rackspace Managed Security services to Microsoft Azure and developments in its OpenStack technology.


Rackspace’s main focus is providing services that offer support for applications not only on its own cloud but third party clouds as well. The service launched in September of 2015 and has been exclusive to Amazon Web Service, Rackspace Dedicated Hosting, and Rackspace Managed VMware.


Rackspace Managed Security for Microsoft Azure will allow those utilizing Azure services to benefit from added security services provided by Rackspace. Rackspace’s technology allows them to not only detect advanced cyber threats, but take action against said threats, setting them apart from their competition.


In addition to expanding to Microsoft, Rackspace also made some announcements pertaining to its Openstack private cloud services, which was created with NASA in 2010. OpenStack Clouds have now reached one billion server hours of operation.  



Brannon Lacey, general manager of Rackspace Managed Security: “In today’s cybersecurity landscape, organizations are no longer asking if they should have a security solution in place, but rather whether they should do it themselves or partner with a trusted managed security service provider. We are proud to extend this security solution to Azure, as it represents the continued growth of our Managed Security capabilities and aligns with the overall Rackspace mission to provide the best expertise and service across the world’s leading clouds.”

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