Parallels Plesk Automation brings a robust platform solution to SMBs

by, Martin Saunders, Technical Director, is an established, innovative hosting company based in the west of Ireland. We offer our customers reliable and affordable hosting solutions from personal blogs to busy ecommerce- driven websites.


We were looking for a robust and expansive solution to replace our shared hosting platform. We have used Parallels control panels since our inception. When we learnt about their latest offering Parallels Plesk Automation, we setup a test bed and began working with Parallels engineers directly to fix any problems that arose during testing, helping the product move into production.


We have been testing now for six months and went into production nearly two months ago. Our new customers are now using the platform and existing customer are being migrated over.


Our customers have been very happy with the new control panel, noticeable performance increase, and the new hosting features available to them.


The new Parallels Plesk Automation suite brings a new level of control and security to our hosting platform that helps us maintain our belief that ‘stuff should just work’.