Ravello shifts virtualization from servers to clouds

Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Software – IT Solutions, Ovum

The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market is growing up. Vendors are endeavoring not only to help enterprises define, configure, and deploy increasingly complex applications, but also to abstract these applications from the underlying IaaS infrastructure. It is shifting from a bottom-up infrastructure-centric view to a top-down application-centric view.

This is happening in a variety of ways, including Ravello Systems’ Cloud Application Hypervisor (CAH), whose open beta launched in February 2013, the same month Ravello raised an additional $15m. Under its “Develop in the cloud, Deploy anywhere” tagline, Ravello is initially targeting the public cloud-based development and testing (dev/test) market.

More specifically, it is focusing on enterprises that wish to move existing as well as new applications to public clouds for dev/test purposes without having to make any changes to the applications. In its report entitled “On the radar: Ravello Systems”, Ovum explains …