News Round-Up 5/19/12: Google’s Cloud, Future of Data Centers, Cloud IPOs, Cloud Security Myths Busted and More


There have been some exciting announcements and fascinating news articles recently regarding cloud services and service providers. Every week we will round up the most interesting topics from around the globe and consolidate them into a weekly summary.


Hitch a Ride Through Google’s Cloud

Your Gmail box lives somewhere in the jumble of servers, cables, and hard drives known as the “cloud” but it often migrates in search of the ideal location. Find out what happens when you hit send. 


The Future of Data Centers: Is 100% Cloud Possible?

Guest blogger Robert Offley explains how the market is shifting today, what barriers remain for total cloud adoption, and if an evolution to 100% cloud is likely to occur.


Big Data is Worth Nothing Without Big Science

As with gold or oil, data has no intrinsic value, writes Webtrends CEO Alex Yoder. Big science, which bridges the gap between knowledge and insight, is where the real value is.


The Hottest IPO You’ve Never Heard Of

With an expected valuation of close to $100 billion, it’s understandable that no one can stop talking about Facebook’s initial public offering this week.  But while Facebook basks in the social media spotlight, companies tackling tough business problems are exciting investors, if not consumers. Workday, for example, is expected to be among the largest IPOs this year in the business software market.


Five Busted Myths of Cloud Security

“Cloud” is one of the most over used and least understood words in technology these days, so it’s little surprise that there’s so much confusion about its security. This article busts 5 myths about cloud security.


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