New Release of Mendix App Platform Brings Mobile to the Enterprise

Mendix, the app platform company for the enterprise, announced today the availability of the Spring 2012 release of its App Platform, further extending its capabilities, and advancing the way companies build, integrate and deploy web and mobile enterprise apps.

“Our goal with this release was to further advance the state of the market with the most socially collaborative and productive app platform that truly empowers the mobile enterprise user,” said Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix. “We wanted to enable companies to build, integrate and deploy enterprise scale apps faster and easier than ever, regardless of device.”

With this new release companies are able to more quickly and efficiently launch mobile enterprise apps and take advantage of the newly updated app platform that now combines visual business modeling, social productivity, enterprise integration, an app store, and secure cloud deployment. This helps organizations build apps with less effort, automate inefficient processes, and extend existing systems with new apps, while accelerating time-to-market and reducing traditional IT costs.

Rob Boomsma, Division Manager at Capgemini, participated in the beta program of this release and noted: “Mendix set the bar higher yet again with this release and has delivered highly productive social collaboration, mobile and enterprise integration features. I couldn’t believe how easy it now is with the Mendix App Platform to extend an existing system with a mobile app. This is IT and business innovation at its best, providing immediate value to any company.”

The Spring 2012 Release Highlights:

  • Enterprise Mobile – Companies are now
    able to quickly and efficiently launch mobile enterprise apps
    providing the best experience for their users while ensuring the
    necessary back-end system and process integration.
  • One Complete App Platform for the Enterprise
    – This release brings together all app platform components under one
    roof and user interface. As a result, companies are able to seamlessly
    plan projects, design and build apps, collaborate, integrate with
    existing systems and instantly deploy them in the cloud.
  • Enterprise Integration and App Mash-Up –
    Companies now have additional integration options and can quickly
    incorporate other enterprise applications via Enterprise Mash-Ups.
    This results in improved performance and simplifies integration with
    external systems.
  • Social Productivity – The Mendix App
    Platform now includes built-in social collaboration features such as
    activity streams, online chat, groups, and project planning that make
    it easier to fully engage all stakeholders throughout an app
    development project. This produces better results and happier users as
    it includes stakeholders from the IT and business side but also
    captures feedback from end users. Users are now more than consumers of
    an application, they are part of the project team and an integral part
    of a successful project.