Lance Crosby’s StackPath

Lance Crosby has recently announced his new venture StackPath, a Security-as-a-Service company, at HostingCon Global. Initially, StackPath will include content delivery, DDoS protection, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Eventually, the company will grow to include other services such as secure compute and storage. These services will be offered as both individual products and a suite of services, operating on private and public clouds. StackPath’s global threat intelligence engine will be available across 35 points-of-presence.


Crosby was inspired to found StackPath in 2013 after he left IBM. He witnessed a plethora of flaws within the cloud security industry and became cognizant of the need for better security, with more than 400 million identified malware attacks in the past year alone.


Though relatively young, the company shows much promise. StackPath has raised $150 million in Series A funding alone from private equity firm ARBY Partners, one of the largest single financing rounds for a private security firm. In addition, StackPath has also acquired many companies: Cloak, a VPN firm that provides secure WiFI connections for iOS devices; MaxCDN, a content delivery network company; and Fireblade, a firewall company.


About Lance Crosby:


A 20 year industry veteran, Crosby founded SoftLayer Technologies, which was acquired by IBM for $2 billion in 2013. He also spent a short while at IBM. He later left to found StackPath with his own money.



Lance Crosby, Stackpath CEO and chairman: “That’s where the concept came from. I saw companies like Netflix, big banks, and firms that were spinning up literally tens of thousands of virtual machines a day and there were no real security products that would follow that level of automation and scale.

“The Internet is where the world does business. It may be the single most important utility supporting businesses today, yet we continue to overtax the aging infrastructure and struggle to make it secure.”


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