Here Comes Oracle’s New Sparc Servers

Larry Ellison’s latest scheme for proving his multibillion-dollar investment in Sun was a brilliant scheme will be to move features from the Oracle database like accelerated queries and Java middleware into Sun silicon.
“Software in silicon is redefining enterprise computing,” he said.
Larry dropped this little nugget Tuesday when he rolled out the latest generation of Solaris-based Sparc machines claiming they housed the world’s fastest processor.
The servers, set to compete against IBM and HP, mostly IBM, are supposed to be designed for the cloud and include an entry-to-mid-range T5 and a high-end M5. They’re said to offer “near linear scalability” from one to 32 sockets.
Both chips, each 28nm and based on the S3 core design, but different in their core count and L3 cache, clock in at 3.6GHz.

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