Heptio Raises More Money

Innovation is the order of the day in tech industry and this explains why startups and small businesses in the cloud space are getting good funding to pursue their ideas. The latest in this regard is a company called Heptio that has raised $25 million in a Series B funding that was led by Madrona Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Accel Partners.

This round of funding comes just within a year when Heptio got $8.5 million in a series A funding. If you’re wondering about the seed money, this Seattle-based company didn’t raise any because it didn’t have a need for it.

According to the CEO and co-founder,  Craig McLuckie, the last eight months has been amazing for the company as they didn’t expect to raise another round of money within such a short time.

So, what does this company do to attract so much funding?

Heptio helps companies to realize the true power of Kubernetes, an open-source system that automates deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Essentially, this system helps to group containers based on the application’s logical units, so that management of these applications is easy.

Heptio specializes in bringing Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies to enterprises by creating new workflows that make this adaptation easy. In other words, it offers professional services for enterprises that want to bring in Kubernetes into their existing system, along with the necessary training and support.

If you look at it from a broader perspective, Heptio is not just helping companies make the most of Kubernetes, but is bringing them closer to the open-source community. And probably that’s what is making this company unique and that’s also what’s attracting investors and customers to it.

When the company first started this project, a lot of things were unclear. But over the last few months, this project has got a defined direction and the business model is sensible as well.  With a defined set of goals, this company has specific plans for this round of funding. It wants to expand to Europe and Asia and maybe even make new partnerships and acquisitions to reach out to new markets.

Let’s hope companies like Heptio are successful in steering companies towards the open-source community.

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