Google Brings Startups Under its Fold

Startups are the drivers of future business. Regardless of their geographic location, startups tend to bring in innovation and new products to the society. But, it’s definitely not an easy road, especially in terms of financial capital.

Almost every startup has budget constraints, so they’re forced to make certain cutbacks. A lot of these come in the areas of sales and marketing, and some of it in technology.

Google wants to change that. While it can’t provide much help in marketing and sales, it definitely is reaching out to companies to give them a solid technological platform needed to execute their ideas. In fact, one of Google’s strategy has been to bring many startups to its platform.

Startups such as Planet Labs, Oden technologies and more that operate in a range of different industries such as space satellites, climate change, smart cities and more want to make use of this offer from Google. For example, Planet Labs is a startup company that wants to image the earth everyday to highlight global change. This company has switched to Google Cloud to host its images and for data processing.

Planet Labs is not the only company. There are hundreds of other startups that are switching to Google Cloud because Google is offering a plan that combines a ton of storage with computing, and of course at affordable rates. So, these companies get the best computing power within their budgets, so why not tap into this technological powerhouse to further their own research and development.

In another interesting case study, Google Cloud partnered with the Indian Satellite Research Organization (ISRO) to launch 88 dove satellites into space. This is the largest satellite constellation ever to reach the space, and this organization uses Google Cloud.

A London-based startup called Improbable is also tapping into the computing power of Google Cloud. This company aims to provide the technologies that will lay the foundation for smart cities. It currently uses Google Cloud to simulate entire cities and to give the lawmakers and public, an impact on every decision, starting from planning to garbage disposal.

One of the reasons all these startups choose Google is the mutual understanding that the startups have to succeed for Google to get a strong hold in this market and vice-versa. This mutual benefit forges strong partnerships that eventually augurs well for everyone involved.

For Google too, this is a potent strategy that can bring rich rewards in the future. When these startups grow, they’ll continue to use Google Cloud platform for their needs. With more usage comes more revenue, so Google will eventually make its money too.

It is also in a position to empower local communities and maybe even help them bring to the world some life-changing products.

Besides, Google can establish a good rapport with these startups and maybe even get a boost in its brand image –  all of which can lead to more customers and a large revenue.

In all, this is a good strategy that can help Google to catch up with competition from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft and IBM.

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