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SOASTA Patents Cross-Cloud Grid Provisioning

SOASTA, Inc. today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued SOASTA a patent for Cross-Cloud Grid Provisioning, U.S. Patent No. 8,341,462. The technology, which SOASTA invented in 2008, enables SOASTA and its customers to realistically simulate mobile and web traffic by deploying thousands of servers across different cloud providers simultaneously. Cross-Cloud Grid Provisioning is part of SOASTA’s platform to ensure the performance and reliability of mobile apps and websites for companies and organizations like NASA, the London 2012 Olympics, Microsoft, Netflix, Intuit, and American Girl.

“SOASTA was one of the first companies in 2008 to deliver cloud computing as a service,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “We knew it was critical for our customer to quickly simulate mobile and web traffic anywhere in the world to reliably test their online properties. SOASTA’s engineering team responded by developing and designing innovative technology to automate the difficult task of manually provisioning across different clouds. Now our customers and employees can easily set up and tear down huge cloud grids on-demand, deploying thousands of servers in minutes.”

Before Cross-Cloud Grid Provisioning, a lack of servers constrained performance testing. Even today, setting up servers in the cloud can take many hours. However, with Cross-Cloud Grid Provisioning, SOASTA’s Global Test Cloud is now able to leverage more than 500,000 servers in 60 global locations running on 20 providers, including Amazon, Rackspace, IBM, Microsoft, and GoGrid. Setup takes minutes – even for the largest tests.

“Cloud computing depends on rapid deployment and on-demand access,” said Melinda Ballou, Program Director for IDC’s Application Life-Cycle Management research. “Workloads like load and performance testing that can depend on a large number of variegated servers driving traffic from different locations are a logical application for cloud computing. Grid provisioning technology like SOASTA’s can provide immediate access to these load servers across environments to help with the problems users face when trying to utilize different cloud platforms for testing.”

“As the largest born-on-the-Internet apparel eCommerce company in the US, it is critical for our web applications to perform to our customer expectations, no matter where they are located,” said Michael Hart, Chief Technology Officer at Bonobos. “This latest SOASTA patent is unique in the cloud computing industry, allowing fast, scalable access to over 20 major public cloud providers to ensure that web applications like ours perform to their maximum capacity.”

SOASTA Launches Mobile Services Division

Cloud and mobile testing provider SOASTA today announced the launch of its Mobile Services Division (MSD) to help companies deliver  quality user experience for their mobile and web apps. SOASTA’s MSD, headed by mobile testing and big-data industry veteran Mahesh Gidwani, focuses on helping its customers build and manage mobile test labs by combining SOASTA’s best practices and proven test methodologies to ensure successful mobile application delivery using the company’s CloudTest, TouchTest, and mPulse products.

In addition to SOASTA’s own MSD, SOASTA is also introducing a Mobile Test Automation Network made up of mobile test professionals from around the world that will be accredited to deliver SOASTA’s mobile test methodologies. Joining this network today are partners focused on Mobile Test Automation including ProtoTest, Total Performance Consulting and Utopia Solutions, that extend SOASTA’s services reach to clients across geographies and industry verticals.

“The explosion of mobile development has created a capability gap in the services market that SOASTA uniquely fills with our elite team of experts and partners who have pioneered mobile test automation and cloud testing,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO. “We launched the SOASTA Mobile Services Division after our customers told us that they often lacked the expertise to implement and execute effective mobile and cloud-based testing strategies.”

“As enterprises struggle to match the pace of consumer demand via mobile and web properties, they are finding it hard to adapt their quality processes,” said Tom Murphy, Gartner Research Director. “Gartner sees the growth and expansion of specialized professional services as a natural response to the market need.”

The new Mobile Services offered by SOASTA span strategy, methodology, accreditation, implementation and ad-hoc services focused on:

  • Mobile Test Automation Architects (On-Demand, On-Premise)
  • Mobile Test Automation Experts (On-Demand, On-Premise)
  • Mobile Performance Engineers (On-Demand, On-Premise)
  • Continuous Integration Test Methodologies
  • Building and Management Services for Internal and External Mobile
    Application Test Labs
  • Mobile App Testing Accreditation

“The demand for mobile testing expertise, coupled with the compression of delivery cycles, drives growth for our specialized services,” said Lee Barnes, the founder and CTO of Utopia Solutions. “With this expansion, joint SOASTA and Utopia customers will experience rapid return and expert guidance of seasoned mobile testing experts resulting in the highest quality mobile apps to their end-users.”

“I’m excited to be leading the charge into mobile test services for SOASTA,” said Mahesh Gidwani, SOASTA’s new VP, Professional Services. “SOASTA is excited match our product innovations with equally innovative services that help our customers with mobile automation.”

SOASTA Acquires Real User Measurement Company

SOASTA today announced the acquisition of LogNormal, the leading performance measurement company delivering real user measurement and monitoring for mobile and web applications. The acquisition extends SOASTA’s platform to deliver actionable intelligence for both marketing and operations executives on real user behavior.

“SOASTA is focused on constantly improving the user experience on mobile applications,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA’s CEO. “SOASTA has been delivering a fast, affordable and scalable performance solution for enterprise customer for years. The acquisition of LogNormal extends our vision of delivering the full life cycle of development, testing and measurement solutions to ensure the optimal user experience for our customers. We are excited to have LogNormal as part of SOASTA, especially Buddy and Philip with their dedication and experience in performance management.”

“SOASTA is the leader in mobile and web performance testing and we are excited to combine our expertise to deliver performance testing, monitoring and measurement in a single platform,” said Buddy Brewer, LogNormal’s CEO. “The combination of LogNormal’s expertise and SOASTA’s real-time analytics engine will provide unprecedented insight into mobile behavior.

SOASTA Releases CloudTest Mobile Test Automation Platform for iOS

SOASTA today released CloudTest Mobile, to deliver complete performance and functional test automation of mobile apps across distributed mobile devices. The CloudTest Mobile platform provides precise capture and playback of all continuous touch gestures including pan, pinch, zoom and scroll on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. See the CloudTest Mobile demonstration here.

Today, mobile developers can easily automate the testing of their mobile apps on iOS 6. CloudTest’s unique approach of residing inside the app allows developers to precisely test their apps when new mobile operating systems are released.

“Starting today, developers are working on iOS 6 versions of their Apps and automated functional testing is a real problem for these developers,” stated Tal Broda, VP, Engineering, at SOASTA. “Today, CloudTest provides full support for capture and playback of any App running on iOS 6 including any gesture or any UI element.”

SOASTA also announced today support for Appcelerator Titanium 2.0 platform, which gives Appcelerator’s 300,000 mobile developers seamless access to CloudTest Mobile’s test automation capabilities. See release here.

“The explosion of web and mobile applications along with the proliferation of mobile devices, makes manual testing obsolete. With today’s rapid development cycles, time to market requirements and technology changes, developers require a new set of automation solutions to support multi-touch gestures and 3D gaming,” comments Tom Lounibos, CEO SOASTA. “Now, with CloudTest Mobile, developers can quickly develop, test and deliver their mobile applications with the quality their users expect. Our support for Titanium 2.0 will make this especially seamless for Appcelerator’s mobile developer community.”

CloudTest Mobile delivers affordable, accurate, and complete mobile app testing using real mobile devices. Traditional testing solutions have employed device emulators and optical recognition approaches that are not precise or reliable enough to test this generation of mobile apps. CloudTest Mobile captures the start and end points of each gesture, the journey between, and the speed with which the gesture is performed. It uniquely conducts testing from within the mobile app, replacing brittle optical recognition approaches and enabling validations based on variable values and internal app state changes. Distributed mobile devices are accessed over the air, eliminating the need for tethering or “jail breaking” and allowing mobile devices – anywhere – to be used in a test.

CloudTest Mobile is available today. Download your free version of CloudTest Lite here. SOASTA will be hosting a webinar titled, “Are Your Mobile Apps Rock Star Ready?” on Tuesday, June 19 at 10:00am PST. For more information or to register, please click here.