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Apica WebPerformance Now Supports HTML5, Integrates with AppDynamics, Cloud Services, and Google Analytics

Enhancements to Apica WebPerformance portal, introduced today, include integration with AppDynamics and Google Analytics, HTML5 support, real browser monitoring from leading browsers, and provides an API solution for advanced monitoring capabilities.

Apica WebPerformance monitors the delivery of all web content and application functionalities from more than 100 locations worldwide, providing a controlled perspective on application performance. Using Apica WebPerformance’s powerful analytics, users can drill down to the code level to better understand the capacity, scalability, and responsiveness of their applications; troubleshoot bottlenecks; and take measures to proactively improve performance.

The latest enhancements to Apica WebPerformance include:

  • Integration with AppDynamics and Google Analytics. Real-time data
    from third-party accounts is fed directly into the Apica
    WebPerformance portal to provide deeper insight into the correlation
    of performance and traffic from a single location.
  • Websockets/HTML5 and SPDY standards support. To optimize the
    performance of live, rich media content such as real-time game
    updates, stock feeds, and status indicators, Apica WebPerformance
    includes Kaazing support, a commercial full-duplex communication
    server using Websockets and HTML5.
  • HTML5 GUI. The entire Apica WebPerformance portal now supports
    HTML5, which means that it can be accessed from laptops, smartphones,
    or tablets. The interface adjusts itself to the chosen platform so
    customers can keep track of their web performance wherever they are
  • Expanded real browser monitoring. Apica
    WebPerformance now supports browser checks from Google Chrome, in
    addition to Internet Explorer and Firefox. This provides a true
    end-user view of performance from the most popular browsers used today.
  • API access. Developers can embed monitoring results and
    performance check summaries into native programs using real-time data
    from Apica’s
    global network of monitoring agents.
  • Self-service functionality. Users can easily record scripts on
    their own and immediately begin reviewing and analyzing the
    performance of their website.

“Consumer demand for high-performing websites and applications is constantly increasing. Fast response times are no longer a luxury; they are expected,” says Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica. “Performance testing as part of the development process, not just after launch but prior to launch as well, is necessary to avoid problems that can cost businesses time, money, and poor brand reputation. We’ve enhanced our WebPerformance solution with more standards support and integration so users can correlate data from multiple instances and locations across the globe to get a transparent look at application performance and improve the end-user experience. We give businesses the power to optimize their web performance and identify issues before they impact customers.”

SOASTA Acquires Real User Measurement Company

SOASTA today announced the acquisition of LogNormal, the leading performance measurement company delivering real user measurement and monitoring for mobile and web applications. The acquisition extends SOASTA’s platform to deliver actionable intelligence for both marketing and operations executives on real user behavior.

“SOASTA is focused on constantly improving the user experience on mobile applications,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA’s CEO. “SOASTA has been delivering a fast, affordable and scalable performance solution for enterprise customer for years. The acquisition of LogNormal extends our vision of delivering the full life cycle of development, testing and measurement solutions to ensure the optimal user experience for our customers. We are excited to have LogNormal as part of SOASTA, especially Buddy and Philip with their dedication and experience in performance management.”

“SOASTA is the leader in mobile and web performance testing and we are excited to combine our expertise to deliver performance testing, monitoring and measurement in a single platform,” said Buddy Brewer, LogNormal’s CEO. “The combination of LogNormal’s expertise and SOASTA’s real-time analytics engine will provide unprecedented insight into mobile behavior.

Neotys Partners with Wipro for Performance Testing Solutions for Web, Mobile Applications

Neotys today announced that Wipro Technologies, the Global Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing business of Wipro Limited, has chosen NeoLoad, a leading load and performance testing solution for web and mobile applications, to upgrade its performance testing suite to increase test productivity and enhance the value proposition for end customers.

As part of this alliance, Wipro will provide testing solutions for customers who need load and performance testing solutions for Web and mobile applications, using NeoLoad. Wipro will use NeoLoad to realistically simulate user activity and analyze server behavior. The solution allows Wipro consultants to test more quickly, efficiently and frequently, enabling customers to safely deploy Internet, intranet or mobile applications on whatever architecture they use. NeoLoad supports Flex, Silverlight, GWT, Ajax Push, HTML5 etc. Wipro will also use NeoLoad across the major application types including ERP and CRM from the major providers. NeoLoad supports Oracle, SAP and Microsoft among others.

“We’ve had outstanding results from the Neotys partnership already,” said Arun Kumar Singh, VP Testing Services Business, Wipro. “Using NeoLoad we were able to reduce the testing time required for many applications by 30%. We expect NeoLoad to substantially increase our productivity and the value we provide to our customers.”

“As one of the world’s leading IT majors, Wipro provides a comprehensive solution for customers looking to implement and test web and mobile applications either within their company firewalls or in the cloud,” said Laurent Gaudy, VP Partners & Alliances, Neotys. “This partnership is strategic to Neotys and we look forward to the expanded presence that Wipro will provide to us.”

“Developing partnerships is a key step in market maturity as it broadens a vendor’s ability to address a wider market,” said Thomas Murphy, research director with Gartner. “As applications become more complex, an increasing number of users rely on a mixture of internal and outsourced resources to achieve cost effective results, making it imperative to form strategic relationships.”

Wipro Technologies is the largest offshore independent testing services provider with innovative solutions and differentiated offerings that reduce cycle times and provide quality assurance for software across industry verticals and domains and has 13+ years of experience in independent Testing Services. The Testing Services Business is a service line in Wipro with testing capabilities across verticals and domains.