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Quest Software Adds Monitoring for Windows Azure Apps

Quest Software, Inc., now part of Dell today announced the general availability of Foglight for Windows Azure Applications, as well as beta availability of Foglight for Cloud Cost Management. Both are available immediately via the new Foglight On-Demand platform. This enhanced product offering, together with a new, currently free, cost management tool, enables developers to easily optimize the performance of applications built on the Windows Azure platform.

“The enhanced functionality in Foglight for Windows Azure Applications and the accompanying new and free tools open the door for Quest to provide valuable services at a nominal price to small- and mid-sized organizations that are leveraging Azure today. For large enterprises, these new solutions provide the assurance that when they are ready to leverage cloud platforms, or look to use SaaS-based application performance monitoring (APM), Quest will be there to support them.”

Quest Software Announces Hadoop-Centric Software Analytics


Image representing Hadoop as depicted in Crunc...Quest Software, Inc. (now part of Dell) announced three significant product releases today aimed at helping customers more quickly adopt Hadoop and exploit their Big Data:

  • Kitenga Analytics ? Based on the recent acquisition of Kitenga,
    Quest Software now enables customers to analyze structured,
    semi-structured and unstructured data stored in Hadoop. Available
    immediately, Kitenga Analytics delivers sophisticated capabilities,
    including text search, machine learning, and advanced visualizations,
    all from an easy-to-use interface that does not require understanding
    of complex programming or the Hadoop stack itself. With Kitenga
    Analytics and the Quest Toad®
    Business Intelligence Suite, an organization has a complete
    self-service analysis environment that empowers business and systems
    analysts across a variety of backgrounds and job roles.
  • Toad for Hadoop ? Quest Software expands support for Hadoop in
    the upcoming release of Toad® for Hadoop. With more than two million
    users, and ranked No. 1 in Database Development and Optimization for
    three consecutive years by IDC [1], Toad has been enhanced to help
    database developers and DBAs bridge the gap between what they already
    know about relational database management systems and the new world of
    Hadoop. Toad will provide query and data management functionality for
    Hadoop, as well as an interface to perform data transfers using the
    Quest Hadoop Connector. Like Toad for any other platform, Toad for
    Hadoop makes the lives of developers, DBAs, and analysts easier and
    more productive.
  • SharePlex with Hadoop Capabilities ? Quest Software adds Hadoop
    capabilities to the next release of SharePlex® for Oracle,
    its robust, high-performance Oracle-to-Oracle database replication
    technology. For enterprise mission-critical systems that must always
    be available, the new release will seamlessly create multiple copies
    of Oracle data for movement simultaneously to both another Oracle
    environment and Hadoop, with no downtime. Customers can choose how
    they optimize Oracle and Hadoop environments based on data
    requirements, such as high availability; analytics and reporting;
    image and text processing; and general archiving. The architecture
    allows for scalable data distribution on-premise, in the cloud, and
    across multiple data centers without a single point of failure.

Quest Software Foglight for Windows Azure Monitors Application Performance.

Quest Software today introduced Foglight for Windows Azure Applications, an application performance monitoring (APM) solution available via software-as-a-service (SaaS). Available immediately as a beta, the newest addition to the industry-leading Foglight APM portfolio enables IT administrators to monitor performance and understand what end users are experiencing with Windows Azure-based application.

Foglight for Windows Azure Applications enables enterprises to leverage cloud-based performance monitoring technology for applications built on the Windows Azure platform, and allows IT administrators to gain critical insight as to how end users interact with these applications.

Dell Acquiring Quest Software

Image representing Dell as depicted in CrunchBase

Dell and Quest Software today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement for Dell to acquire Quest, an IT management software provider offering a broad selection of solutions that solve the most common and most challenging IT problems.

Dell recently announced the formation of its Software Group to build upon its existing software expertise. The Dell Software Group will add to Dell’s enterprise solutions capability, accelerate strategic growth and further differentiate the company from competitors by increasing its solutions portfolio with Dell-owned intellectual property.

Quest’s family of software solutions and key technologies are strongly aligned with Dell’s software strategy. The acquisition provides critical components to expand Dell’s software capabilities in systems management, security, data protection and workspace management. In addition, Quest’s software portfolio is highly complementary to Dell’s scalable design approach to develop solutions that scale with customer needs. Some examples include:

  • The Quest One Identity and Access Management solution family adds to
    Dell’s very strong set of security assets with SonicWALL and
    Secureworks, creating a comprehensive set of security solutions to
    address important customer needs.
  • Quest’s Performance Monitoring solutions for applications, networks
    and databases address a rapidly growing need for our customers.
    Industry analysts have consistently ranked Quest Foglight as a leading
    application performance monitoring solution. Businesses of all sizes
    are looking to reduce their IT complexity and automate workloads for
    their IT departments. Customers worldwide leverage Foglight to
    continually monitor their IT environments, proactively identifying and
    remedying performance issues before they become bigger problems.
  • Quest’s Windows Server Management solutions complement Dell Services’
    rapidly growing application modernization practice with recently
    acquired Clerity Solutions and Make Technologies.
  • Effective database management is critical to the successful operation
    of most organizations. Quest’s Database Management capabilities offer
    a strong complement to Dell’s enterprise offering. Today, millions of
    DBAs, developers, and analysts around the world rely on Quest’s
    database management tools to simplify their work.

Quest has a diversified software portfolio and generated $857 million in global revenue based on its fiscal year 2011 results at gross margins of 86 percent and operating margins of 11 percent. Quest supports heterogeneous and next-generation virtualized environments across leading platform vendors. The addition of Quest, including its 1,500 software sales experts and 1,300 software developers, to Dell’s existing software expertise in systems management, security and cloud integration, is the foundation of a $1.2 billion software business, based on annual revenue.

Quest, established in 1987, is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif. and serves more than 100,000 customers worldwide, including 87 percent of the Fortune 500. The company has approximately 3,850 employees and operates 60 offices in 23 countries.