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Zoho Docs Desktop App Get Two-Way File Sync

Zoho today announced it has added Zoho Docs for Desktop, adding two-way file synchronization capability to Zoho Docs, the company’s online document management application with integrated online office suite. Zoho Docs users can now synchronize files on their local Windows, Mac and Linux desktop and laptop computers with the cloud as well as sync their cloud files with their local computers.

“Making user’s files available at all locations is an important feature of a document management system. We are happy to offer two-way file synchronization capability to Windows, Mac and Linux users,” said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. “Zoho users now get a powerful two-way file synchronization capability combined with expanded storage options and a tightly integrated online office suite, making this a unique offering for businesses.”

Zoho Docs for Desktop allows users to sync their Zoho Docs files and folders to Windows, Mac or Linux laptop or desktop computers. Users can sync all files and folders or pick specific folders to sync. With the sync folder in place on authorized computers, users will have the files available both in the Zoho Docs cloud folder as well as on their computers at the same time.

BitTorrent Sync Aims to Replace Cloud With Peer-to-Peer for File Synchronization

The folks responsible for peer-to-peer downloads of (mostly) appropriated music and videos are in pre-alpha with BitTorrent Sync, which aims straight at Dropbox and its ilk for multi-device file synchronization. They are looking for early testers and promise native clients for Windows, OS X and Linux, with hints of smartphone support.

Today, BitTorrent Sync is in a pre-Alpha stage. And we’re hoping that users like you can help us build something sick. If you’re comfortable using early, incomplete software, and if you’re committed to helping us figure out a better way to sync, we want to hear from you.

If you are interested, sign up here.