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Pivotal buys UK-based CloudCredo to acquire Cloud Foundry skills

M&ALondon-based Cloud Foundry services provider CloudCredo has been bought by San Francisco-based software vendor Pivotal, a VMware spin off company. The acquisition includes CloudCredo subsidiary stayUp, which specialises in log analysis.

The logic of the acquisition is that it will make it easier for enterprises to use the new Pivotal Cloud Foundry, according to Pivotal CEO Rob Mee.

CloudCredo will continue to operate from London and service its existing customers, but its new brief includes expanding Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s growth across the world. CloudCredo’s expertise will be applied to help enterprise customers understand how to use the Pivotal Cloud Foundry Cloud Native platform more quickly and fine tune their techniques for creating the appropriate software.

Cloud Foundry skills are at a premium, as there is a scant supply of IT experts in Europe with the necessary skills for providing open source platforms as a service (PaaS) according to analyst James Governor, founder of research company RedMonk. “The pool of Cloud Foundry systems talent in Europe is limited and service companies with a proven track record is even rarer,” he said.

CloudCredo has extensive knowledge of running Cloud Foundry for some of the world’s largest brands, according to Pivotal CEO Mee. “With this expertise, we can better help our customers adopt Pivotal’s Cloud Native platform more quickly,“ he said.

Joining Pivotal means that, overnight, CloudCredo can operate at a global scale, said its CEO Colin Humphreys.