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Qubole Exits Stealth Mode, Introduces Auto-Scaling Big Data Platform

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Qubole exited stealth mode today to introduce its auto-scaling Big Data platform, “combining the power of Apache Hadoop and Hive with the simplicity of a Cloud platform in order to accelerate time-to-value from Big Data.” Qubole, a Silver Sponsor of next week’s Hadoop Summit 2012 conference, also invites business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to participate in the Qubole early access program.

While most well known as creators of Apache Hive and long-time contributors to Apache Hadoop, Qubole’s founders Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma also managed the Facebook data infrastructure team that was responsible for nearly 25PB of compressed data. The data services built by this team are used across business and engineering teams who submit tens of thousands of jobs, queries and ad hoc analysis requests every day. Thusoo and Sen Sarma applied their experiences and learnings to create the industry’s next generation big data platform for the cloud. With Qubole, organizations can literally begin uncovering new insights from their structured and unstructured data sources within minutes.

“We believe a new approach is needed – one that hides the complexity associated with storing and managing data and instead provides a fast, easy path to analysis and insights for business analysts, data scientists and data engineers,” said Joydeep Sen Sarma, Co-Founder of Qubole. “We gained significant experience helping a web-scale company build and manage a complex Big Data platform. We don’t want our customers to worry about choosing a flavor of Hadoop, or spinning up clusters, or trying to optimize performance. Qubole will manage all of that so that users can focus on their data and their algorithms.”

Qubole Auto-Scaling Big Data Platform for the Cloud Benefits Include:

  • Fastest Path to Big Data Analytics –
    Qubole handles all infrastructure complexities behind the scenes so
    users can begin doing ad hoc analysis and creating data pipelines
    using SQL and MapReduce within minutes.
  • Scalability “On the Fly” – Qubole
    features the industry’s first auto-scaling Hadoop clusters so users
    can get the right amount of computing power for each and every project.
  • Fast Query Authoring Tools – Qubole
    provides fast access to sample data so that queries can be authored
    and validated quickly.
  • Fastest Hadoop and Hive Service in the Cloud
    – Using advanced caching and query acceleration techniques, Qubole has
    demonstrated query speeds up to five times faster than other
    Cloud-based Hadoop solutions.
  • Quick Connection to Data – Qubole
    provides mechanisms to work with data sets stored in any format in
    Amazon S3. It also allows users to easily export data to S3 or to
    databases like MySQL.
  • Integrated Data Workflow Engine – Qubole
    provides mechanisms to easily create data pipelines so users can run
    their queries periodically with a high degree of reliability.
  • Enhanced Debugging Abilities – Qubole
    provides features that helps users get to errors in Hadoop/Hive jobs
    fast, thus saving time in debugging queries.
  • Easy Collaboration with Peers – Qubole’s
    Cloud-based architecture makes it ideal for analysts working in a
    geographically distributed environment to share information and

“Companies are increasingly moving to the Cloud and for good reason. Applications hosted in the Cloud are much easier to use and manage, especially for companies without very large IT organizations. While Software as a Service (SaaS) is now the standard for many different types of applications, it has not yet been made easy for companies to use the Cloud to convert their ever-increasing volume and variety of data into useful business and product insights. Qubole makes it much easier and faster for companies to analyze and process more of their Big Data, and they will benefit tremendously,” said Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder of Qubole.

To join the early access program, please visit Qubole is looking to add a select number of companies for early access to its service, with the intention of making the service more generally available in Q4 2012. People interested in seeing a demo of the platform can visit Qubole at the Hadoop Summit June 13 – 14 at the San Jose Convention Center, kiosk #B11.