Build-Operate-Transfer Model: Creating a Valuable Framework for IT

The build-operate-transfer model is about taking the concept of a long term outsourced service, traditional in the Managed Services space, and addressing it in a way that allows the customer to get value out of the services at the end of the engagement. It’s also a way to address challenges within the IT operational team that feel like their services are being replaced by outside services.

With a build-operate-transfer model, you really need to start with the end-game in mind. Where are you going to be in 5 years? 7 years? 10 years? Are the services you’re consuming today going to be the same services you need then? How could your future plans be altered (mergers, acquisitions, etc.)? You need a way to be able to transfer those services but get value out of what you have been consuming in the previous term. That’s what the build-operate-transfer model is all about.



The corporate IT department has evolved. Has yours kept pace?


By Geoff Smith, Director, Managed Services Business Development