AppNeta Launches Unified Application, Network Performance Management

AppNeta today announced the launch of its unified solutions for End User Experience Monitoring including full-stack application performance tracing and unprecedented network performance insight. With the recent acquisition of Tracelytics, AppNeta now provides industry-first performance visibility that IT teams have never had before, across the complete network and application infrastructure.

As business organizations become completely dependent on Internet and web-based technologies such as unified communications, CRM systems, ecommerce, hosted email, and other custom applications, it is necessary to know how they are running and where problems are occurring. With AppNeta’s integrated performance management solutions, IT teams and developers can easily see into the datacenter applications, down to the specific layer and code, and out to the remote sites where end users are experiencing performance degradation or service failure. With this comprehensive level of visibility and analysis, IT teams can quickly identify if the issues are happening in the network or the applications, and save hours chasing down problems and finger-pointing.

“End users have little tolerance for application performance problems,” said Jim Melvin, CEO of AppNeta. “As today’s applications have become more sophisticated and performance-sensitive, the risk of service disruption is at an all time high. AppNeta solutions provide a level of breadth and depth of performance insight that the industry has never seen before. Our customers solve technology problem before they become business problems.”

“The Application Performance Management market is moving to a SaaS delivery model that allows developers and IT teams to assure performance of distributed applications across datacenters and private/public clouds,” said Bernd Harzog, CEO, APM Experts. “This is leading to innovative, disruptive performance management solutions that are truly transforming the way IT teams assure application performance and end user experience.”

AppNeta’s new TraceView application performance monitoring service delivers immediate time-to-value by providing full-stack application tracing capabilities through application tiers and stacks to get real-time insight into actual web application performance. TraceView offers deep, detailed analysis of performance problems and provides actionable data for quick resolution and optimization.

AppNeta’s award-winning PathView Cloud service provides integrated insight from every element of the network performance stack including active path performance analysis, application-aware traffic flow analysis, automated remote site packet capture, and on-demand device status (SNMP). This complete suite delivered from the cloud brings thousands of global customers the fastest time to resolution in the industry and superior End User Experience monitoring.

Free trials of PathView Cloud network performance management service and the TraceView application performance monitoring service are both available today at