AppFirst Launches New Partner Program

AppFirst, the SaaS application management system, today unveiled a comprehensive new Partner Program designed for both Cloud and Solution Providers. The program offers a new, expanded free subscription available only via AppFirst partners and provides ongoing training and product support, enabling partners to deliver innovative solutions to their own customers. The rollout of this Partner Program follows the company’s launch earlier this month of its new DevOps Dashboard, an application performance monitoring solution that delivers a clear, unified status view of infrastructure, applications and business metrics to all stakeholders in an organization.

“Our focus today is on growing our global ecosystem to increase the number of AppFirst experts as well as the overall availability of our product,” said David Roth, AppFirst CEO. “By offering access to our solutions through the primary source customers use to deploy their applications in the cloud, our Partner Program complements our partners’ solutions with AppFirst technology, delivering added value to our respective customers. This expanded universe is designed to provide our partners with the solutions and support they need to succeed and grow within their own markets.”

Under the Cloud Provider Partner Program, qualified cloud service providers such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) can offer the enhanced free version of AppFirst to its customers via their own marketplace or dashboards, as an extension or add-on to their own service. AppFirst partners deliver value to their end customers by offering a solution that provides the visibility needed across the infrastructure, application and business as an application is running in production, with the added benefit of AppFirst’s extended free program.

“In today’s online world, keeping applications and websites up and running is business critical,” said Mal Knox, Director of Business Development at Engine Yard. “With Engine Yard Cloud, we provide the tools and resources to ensure the optimum performance of our customers’ applications. Partnering with companies like AppFirst enables us to deliver enhanced performance monitoring services, giving customers the visibility they need.”

Solution Provider Partners, which include systems integrators, application development shops and cloud consultancies, will have access to AppFirst products and training, while also receiving implementation tools and assistance, technical resources and implementation support from the company. As these partners become competent with AppFirst’s solutions, they can integrate them in their customer deliverables and even customize and optimize the solution. Solution Providers are also able to offer the free version to their clients, allowing direct visibility into the applications their customers want to actively monitor themselves. Building a global ecosystem of trained Solution Provider Partners allows AppFirst to scale to deliver implementation and industry-specific configuration services at the local level through their partners.

Because AppFirst’s DevOps Dashboard is also easily customizable, any partner company can offer broad custom solutions for internal use, and for their own customers, whether executives, IT ops or DevOps.

“Our customers, with our assistance, are making strategic decisions about if, when and how they migrate to cloud,” said Eileen Boerger, president of CorSource Technology Group. “Partnering with AppFirst provides us another tool in our quiver to assist with those decisions. With the DevOps Dashboard being so customizable, that allows us to provide individualized solutions for our customers, something they demand.”

AppFirst collects millions of infrastructure, application and business metrics that are aggregated and correlated in a single big data repository that eliminates the need for users to look for data in multiple places. Data is collected continuously to provide customers with unprecedented visibility into their entire infrastructure and every application running in production, bringing overall system management to a whole new level.

The DevOps Dashboard’s ability to auto-detect application stacks and configure data collection from the relevant sources delivers a customized dashboard specific to the user’s environment — all automatically, with no extra effort required. With the smart threshold feature, AppFirst time learns over time what is “normal” for a user’s business metrics and delivers alerts when metrics shift one standard deviation from normal levels, saving time and money.

For more information on AppFirst’s Partner Programs, please visit the AppFirst partner section or call 1.800.782.2181.