A Look into Cloudian’s HyperStore 4000

Cloudian has come up with a new cloud data archiving product called HyperStore 4000 that promises to have many unique features to support the changing needs of businesses.

HyperStore 4000 offers object storage, which means, data is stored as objects and not as files. The obvious advantage is that each object acts as a single repository instead of a file system where documents are nested within subfolders.

This cloud archiving option comes with a storage of 700 TB, and even has two separate computer nodes for every chassis. Essentially, what this means is there is a high level of flexibility for data storage, as it can be configured as a three-way cluster. In addition, it ensures the highest levels of data availability as it has a built-in cloud tiering system.

With this product, customers have the choice to store data on their own premises or on popular cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. This data can tier to Cloudian’s public cloud as well.

HyperStore 4000 is the perfect addition to Cloudian’s line of products as it combines their existing expertise with what businesses need today. Data is growing at astronomical speeds. According to a report published by IDC, the amount of data is doubling in size every two years, and this means, by 2020, we’ll reach 44 zettabytes (equivalent to 44 trillion gigabytes). Such a rapidly growing data needs ample storage space, and this is exactly what HyperStore 4000 offers with its 700 TB space.

According to Jon Toor, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cloudian, this device will be particularly useful for industries that deal with large amounts of data such as genome sequencing companies, video surveillance units, and those involved in the entertainment industry. These industries prefer large on-premise storage than cloud simply because it’s safe and they know where their data is located. He also opined that it could replace tape archives that are slowly going out of existence.

In terms of pricing too, Cloudian’s HyperStore 4000 gives a competitive deal. A report released by the company says that this device offers on-premise performance at the price of cloud services, as it costs 40 percent less per GB when compared to other products from Cloudian. This lower pricing is Cloudian’s way of establishing itself in a market that is being dominated by cloud providers with extensive infrastructure.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons for many companies to move to the cloud is cost-saving. If Cloudian can offer the same cost, there is a high possibility for customers to buy HyperStore 4000. To top it, the many recent reports about hacking and data loss has brought up renewed concerns about cloud security. So, when Cloudian offers a solution that is safer than cloud, but at the same price, many businesses are sure to look into it.

In short, Cloudian has come up with a competitive market to bridge the gap that exists between cloud and on-premise storage. Its competitive price, abundant storage and easy-to-use features can after all make businesses reconsider their data archiving strategies.

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