The Internet of Things: Bridging the gap between devices and developers with cloud services

Golgi_white_paper_ofcnewThe Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most disruptive trends in technology today but as IoT services start to hit the mainstream, the sometimes conflicting requirements of device manufacturers and developers are beginning to create tension between these two groups.

Both manufacturers and developers want many of the same things – clear standards, secure platforms and a high degree of extensibility – but, because of the nascent state of the market, don’t necessarily know how to cope with the lack of standards or clarity around how to implement effective security controls in such technically constrained environments, or how to manage interoperability. Managing the complexity of communication within heterogeneous IoT environments and vast networks at scale also makes the task of developing robust IoT services which stand up to consumer expectations all the more challenging.

These challenges need to be overcome before that tremendous value of IoT can be realised. This whitepaper, sponsored by Golgi and published by BCN, luckily, looks at how cloud-based services can help bridge the gaps between the requirements of IoT device manufacturers and application developers:

  • Navigating existing IoT standards
  • Managing data security and privacy
  • Dealing with heterogeneous networks
  • The role of cloud services in IoT

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