NTT Data partners with Privitar to make customers GDPR compliant

Lady JusticeNTT Data UK has announced a partnership agreement with Privitar to provide data protection solutions built on new requirements set out by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR requires companies to process and use the personal data of any European customers in a justifiable and ethical manner, whilst also giving increased control of the data back to the customers themselves. As the role of data increases within the business world customers have become increasingly interested in how their personal information is stored and used. Insight delivered from this data can be used to drive additional revenues for a business, though once GDPR comes into legislation in 2018, there will be strict guidance on how the data is used.

NTT Data believe this dynamic will create complications for various organizations, and claim combining the NTT Data’s data and process capabilities, with Privitar’s privacy software, will create a proposition which will comply to all GDPR data requirements.

“By combining NTT DATA’s sector-specific domain knowledge with Privitar’s software we can now deliver programmes that make our clients champions of both privacy and innovation,” said Steve Mitchener, CEO of NTT Data UK. “I’m excited that this partnership will allow our clients to fully utilise their data assets without fear of reputational and financial damage, or regulatory action.”