Joviam Eyes the US Market

Joviam, an Australian-based cloud computing infrastructure company, has announced that it will be expanding into the U.S market.

Headquartered in the city of Sydney in Australia, this company is just two years old and already, it has started catering to a wide customer base comprising mostly of mid-market companies. In fact, this company was started with an objective to make cloud services accessible to smaller companies by providing them an enterprise-grade cloud platform that will help to improve the performance and stability of companies.

So far, it has been successful in achieving this objective. It’s price offering is cheaper than both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. At the same time, it doesn’t compromise on quality as it uses a fully redundant and hyper-converged architecture that gathers different commodity servers into a single large cluster.

To top it, Joviam also uses a network technology called InfiniBand to bring together multiple servers into a single large resource pool. This technology is mostly used only in large supercomputers to improve the efficiency of resource utilization. The fact that Joviam uses it within its own platform means the client companies get to enjoy the best available technology at affordable prices.

According to Gabby Jarrett, the co-founder and director of Joviam, every server in the cluster has its own CPU, storage and memory resources, so it makes it that much easier to increase the efficiency of customers’ virtual machines.

This also gives users the flexibility to attach or detach different disks and even clone all of them if needed, without having to turn off the virtual machines. Joviam executes this idea through solid state drives or SSDs. A related advantage is that there are no proprietary hardware involved, so the overall cost of offering is much less.

A price comparison shows that Azure is about 65 percent more expensive than what Joviam is offering right now while AWS is about 30 to 40 percent more expensive. Keep in mind this comparison is based on the cost per GB of the DV2 instance family.

Also, if you’re buying a storage service, you’ll have to buy only in blocks of 32 GB, 64GB and so on. So, you’ll be paying more if you don’t use all the available storage area. But Joviam’s platform is more flexible as it allows you to choose any size and any app without having to lock yourself into any specific vendor’s ecosystem of products.

With such cool features, this company wants to expand into the U.S and maybe into other developing economies in the future. If you’re wondering why this company chose U.S as its destination for expansion and not countries like Singapore or Europe for that matter, it’s because the company’s management believes that the U.S will account for more than half of the global cloud computing market within the next three years.

It is definitely well-poised to take a big slice of this cake, even if it is much smaller than the likes of AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM.

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