Is Cloud the Way Forward for the Legal Industry

Cloud is a pervasive technology that has touched all aspects of life and business, and the legal industry is no exception to it.

However, it took a while for this industry to join others because of the many questions surrounding cloud security. Since client confidentiality is the cornerstone of the legal industry, there were many apprehensions about moving data to the cloud.

But the benefits that come with a transition to the cloud coupled with improvements made in security have led the legal industry to also follow others.

One of the biggest reasons for this foray into cloud can be attributed to Thomson Reuters Elite, a leading financial and practice management solutions company. Some of the measures it adopted to tap into the advantages of cloud have made this transition a lot less frightening for other companies.

If you’re someone in the legal industry and if you’re looking to move to the cloud, here are some aspects to keep in mind.

Clear policy

One of the first things to start off is to have a clear cloud policy. This should be a comprehensive one that covers various apprehensions and lays down clear rules on what is appropriate and what’s not.

It’s best you involve a cross-section of your employees in formulating this policy because the IT department alone may not be able to do justice to it. In the past, all tech-related policies were formed by the IT department, but that’s not the case anymore simply because IT doesn’t control tech budgets as they’re too big for a single department to handle.

Address all fears

A good way to tackle fear is to address it straight. So, talk to your employees and make a list of all their fears. What is it that’s stopping you from moving to the cloud. Make a list and talk to different cloud service providers and see if they’re able to give you the right solutions that address your concerns.

Based on this feedback, identify the possible gaps that can exist when you move to the cloud and come up with solutions that address this gap. It’s best you employ a few employees across different departments in this process, so you’re transition will be a smooth one.

Stay abreast

A good rule of thumb in the cloud industry is to keep yourself up-to-date on what’s happening. Understand new security practices, new products, their features, pricing and just about everything else. If you find it hard to do that as a business owner, create a team that’ll take care of all this for you.

Overall, cloud offers a ton of benefits that far outweigh the risks and problems that come with it. So, embrace it and move your operations to the cloud. Just remember though to do your homework, so you know what you’re getting into.

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