HyperGrid promises “next generation” of hyper-converged infrastructure


Hyper-converged all flash infrastructure vendor Gridstore and application lifecycle management platform provider DCHQ have merged to launch HyperGrid, which is claimed to be the industry’s first ‘hyper-converged infrastructure as a service’ (HCIaaS) offering.

To translate, the new HyperGrid product aims to combined hyper-converged infrastructure with a pay as you consume pricing model. “HCIaaS is the first solution that bridges the needs of traditional and cloud-native developers with IT operations, delivering an AWS-like environment for your enterprise that enables complete DevOps”, the press release trumpets.

DCHQ, now HyperForm as part of the move, aims to manage existing enterprise and cloud-native applications seamlessly across any cloud or container infrastructure, including VMware, OpenStack, Azure and AWS among others. Amjad Afanah, CEO and co-founder of DCHQ, says the company is ‘thrilled’ to be part of the HyperGrid technology. “HyperGrid solves a real pain point for our customers struggling with innovation in the digital economy,” said Afanah.

“Our combined platform will dramatically simplify IT operations and help enterprises deliver applications faster and cheaper than going to the public cloud,” he added.

“Customers are demanding that vendors deliver app-centric, app-optimised, and app-aware infrastructure as a service with no upfront cost,” said Namiran Teymourian, chairman and CEO of HyperGrid. “They want to be able to use their choice of hypervisor, container or bare metal and they want the ability to build, deploy, update and manage applications at the push of a button.”

Hyper-converged is evidently an area in which vendors increasingly like to play; take Dell, whose takeover of EMC has recently been approved by shareholders, shuffling the pack and reselling EMC, VCE and VMware, as well as its own products. According to a recent Computer Weekly report, Nutanix, Maxta, Atlantis, Scale, and Simplivity are among the challengers in the market.

You can find out more about HyperGrid here.