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Asure Software Partners with FotoPunch for Mobile Employee Time Tracking

Asure Software announced that it has entered into a private label licensing agreement with FotoPunch, Inc. FotoPunch is a SaaS-based technology company that offers biometric and geospatial technology solutions to track employee time from virtually anywhere at anytime.

“We are very excited to be partnering with FotoPunch to offer mobile time and data collection solutions to our AsureForce™ Time & Labor Management (TLM) clients,” commented Pat Goepel, Asure’s Chief Executive Officer. “This partnership is in complete alignment with our strategy to quickly bring to market innovative, cloud-based solutions that work when, where and how workforces are operating today. FotoPunch technology is the first of its kind in the time and labor management industry.”

FotoPunch uses facial recognition and GPS software to allow employees to punch in and out using any mobile device, including smartphones, feature phones and dumbphones with a camera and SMS capabilities. When clients deploy this capability, they increase manager and employee productivity, reduce payroll costs, and avoid hardware costs. And users can access data without requiring Internet access, which is significant for highly mobile employees. The solution can also run through wall-mounted tablets in busy work areas.

From a workplace productivity perspective, managers have instant access to information via a web-based dashboard to track when and where employees are working, eliminate time fraud and stop buddy punching. FotoPunch also integrates with AsureForce TLM solutions and virtually any payroll solution.

“Our patent-pending technology will help expand Asure’s solution portfolio, but more importantly, this one-of-a-kind mobile technology provides truly measureable benefits to clients,” said Lance Ellsworth, Vice President of Business Development for FotoPunch.

New SpringBoard 6.0 Offers Greater Project Management Software Access and Control

LoadSpring Solutions has released SpringBoard Version 6.0, a newly-enhanced hosting portal.

SpringBoard allows secure access to—and control of—Project Management software and data, from any computer worldwide.

SpringBoard 6.0 preserves the same intuitive interface used globally by more than 2,000 enterprise organizations, but now offers new features and tools geared to add functionality, speed and efficiency.

SpringBoard 6.0 goes live October 6th and is designed for greater enterprise access and data control while saving effort, time and capital.

In Version 6.0, SpringBoard allows users to tap the power of the cloud, with such enhancements as:

  • Unified Access with Location Awareness. This feature assures
    fast global access and data integrity.
  • BIM hosting. BIM software is now available in a hosted model
    without performance issues. Users now truly have a single secure
    portal for all their Project Management applications.
  • Instant access to LoadSpring Academy 2.0, now with student
    tracking and quiz reporting, leading to added software compliance,
    acceptance and usage.
  • SmartSupport—LoadSpring’s automated issue resolution system is
    designed to find answers even before the user finishes asking the
    question. Quick self-fixes are available any time, or users can call
    LoadSpring directly for 1-on-1 contact.
  • Set Application roles during provisioning. Now administrators
    can assign P6r8 application roles at the same time they set-up new
    users all from 1 interface.
  • Auto Performance Indicators. SpringBoard now lets users see
    real-time connection speeds and SpringBoard performance at a glance
    allowing them to see if an issue exists.
  • Self-registration option aids administrators by letting each
    user self-register to SpringBoard.