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Teradata VantageCloud integrated with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Teradata has integrated Teradata VantageCloud, an cloud analytics and data platform, with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML). VantageCloud’s scalability, openness and analytics – ClearScape Analytics – combined with Azure ML’s ability to simplify and accelerate the ML lifecycle could help customers unlock the full value of their data, even in the most complex and… Read more »

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New Teradata apps enable IoT analytics

Internet of things cloudTeradata customers can now listen to the Internet of Things data thanks to two new software innovations designed to create insights into developments.

Teradata’s new Listener and Aster Analytics applications can intelligently listen in real-time and then use analytics to see the distinctive patterns in massive streams of IoT data, it says.

Teradata Listener is an intelligent system that can follow multiple streams of sensor and IoT data wherever it exists globally and feed it to a choice of different analytical systems. Data sent to the Teradata Integrated Big Data Platform 1800 provides access to large volumes of data with its native support of JSON (Java Script Object Notation) data. Alternatively, data fed to a Hadoop based system can be analysed at scale with Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop.

Teradata Listener helps data scientists, business analysts and developers to analyse new data streams for faster answers to business questions. Users can analyse data from numerous sources including sensors, telematics, mobile events, click streams, social media feeds and IT server logs, without seeking technical help from the IT department.

Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop has 100 pre-configured analytics techniques and seven vertical industry applications to run directly on Hadoop.

In a hospital, data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radiography, and ultrasound imaging equipment might be streamed as text logs. This information describing patient behaviour and sensor data could be streamed into an Hadoop data lake. The new systems allow the users to runs text analytics on the data in order to find out how effectively personnel are working and how efficiently expensive resources, such as MRI scanners, are being used.

“Customers can combine IoT data with business operations and human behavioural data to maximise analytic value,” said Hermann Wimmer, Teradata’s co-president, “Teradata Listener and Aster Analytics on Hadoop are breakthrough IoT technologies that push the analytic edge, making the ‘Analytics of Everything’ possible.”

The collection and analysis of sensor and IOT data has been integral to driving the efficiency of the rail business, according to railways expert Gerhard Kress, director of Analytical Services at Siemens’ Mobility Division.

Teradata Acquires eCircle

Teradata and Aprimo, a Teradata company today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Munich-based eCircle, a European cloud-based digital marketing company.

The combination of Teradata’s analytical capabilities, Aprimo’s Integrated Marketing Management, and eCircle’s digital messaging solution will enable marketers worldwide to create integrated customer experiences across online and offline channels that leverage Big Data insights to grow existing customers, attract new customers, and increase revenues. Digital marketers will also have the option to leverage the eCircle solution as a standalone offering. The addition of eCircle more than triples Aprimo’s European team, expertise and reach in all major European countries, creating the largest marketing applications provider in Europe and enabling the delivery of eCircle solutions globally.

Components of the combined Teradata, Aprimo, and eCircle offering will include:

•        An Integrated Marketing Management solution that provides access to all marketing applications from the cloud – including digital, campaign and operational – thus enabling faster time to market, higher ease of use, and less IT complexity;

•        Ability to easily create targeted, personalised digital campaigns that are among the world’s most robust in their compliance with security and privacy regulations;

•        A digital messaging platform for social, mobile, web and email that can scale to support hundreds of billions of messages a year;

•        Multi-channel data management, advanced segmentation and optimisation,

•        Access to digital marketing services such as messaging, content creation, best practices and lead generation delivered by Aprimo digital marketing experts;

•        Big Data analytics from Teradata and Teradata Aster that turns content from social, mobile, web and email channels into actionable insights; and,

•        Unified reporting.

eCircle will also be available as a standalone solution for the digital marketer who wants a simple to deploy but powerful and easy to use digital messaging infrastructure.