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Survey Infographic: Customer Relying on Virtualization Vendors For Security

BeyondTrust has released a survey, Virtual Insecurity, that reveals organizations are relying heavily on virtualization vendors for security if for any security at all. Key survey takeaways from the 346 respondents that participated include:

  • 42 percent do not use security tools regularly as part of their virtual systems administration
  • 34 percent lean heavily on antivirus protection as a primary security tool
  • 57 percent often use existing image templates for new virtual images
  • Nearly 3 out of every 4 respondents say that up to a quarter of virtual guests are offline at any given time
  • 64 percent have no security controls in place that require a security sign off prior to releasing a new virtual image or template

Here’s an infographic based on these results:

Virtual Insecurity Infographic FINAL