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Business Cloud News magazine Issue 2 | March/April 2015

OFC_BCN_April15-1Business Cloud News is proud to announce the second issue of BCN is now available online.

In this issue we focus on the two interrelated trends – which create equally entangled issues and questions – and the cloud’s role therein: Big Data and the Internet of Things.

We asked over 700 senior IT decision makers globally about their big data rollout plans in order to get a better sense of their views on where the challenges and bottlenecks lie, and crucially, what components of their data systems will move to the cloud, when, and why.

Also in this issue, we look at the role open source cloud technologies are playing in the rapid transformation of the film and TV industries; the IT strategy driving the innovative vehicle manufacturer Nissan; and the growing presence of cloud computing in what is often thought to be a technologically conservative industry – the financial services sector.

Elsewhere in this issue we look at the shifts in the core capabilities that underpin and to some extent enable cloud computing: the emergence and impact of software-defined networking, and computational heterogeneity in the cloud.

We hope you enjoy issue #2 of BCN!